The Cast of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Work Wife’ Has Been Set

I have to admit I love watching Kelly and Ryan every day of the week. The on screen chemistry between the two of them is fun, engaging, and makes me laugh every day.

So I was excited to hear that the two created a television entitled “Work Wife,” which is inspired by inspired by the partnership between Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

It’s something that I can’t wait to see, if it makes it to series. The show is said to tell the story of, “platonic male-female team whose professional success, personal friendship and ability to share deodorant makes their lives work. Set in the world of real estate, Dani (Cabral) and Scott (Bell) have taken the leap to start their own team. Now feeling the stress of being the boss, they have to rely on the yin-yang of their dynamic more than ever to keep their professional and personal lives afloat.”

Angelique Cabral, Tone Bell, Christopher Gorham, Annapurna Sriram, Matt Shively and Maile Flanagan have all been cast in the adaptation. In addition to executive producing, Ripa will also star.

Gorham will play Alex, Dani’s husband and stay at home Dad to their two kids.

Sriram will play Rebecca, a brand new a real estate agent with the drive to win at all costs.

Flanagan has been cast as Joy, the administrative assistant at the real estate firm.

Shively will play Travis, Dani’s cousin and the head of marketing at the agency.

I think that most everyone has a work wife or a work husband, so a comedy about it seems like it would be fun to watch.

Does this seem like a show you would be interested in?

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