‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×08 Review: “The Takeback”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Takeback” saw the return of the Pontiac Bandit in an unsurprisingly hilarious episode where his sister Trudy joined the throng. And like usual, Doug Judy made me believe one thing while swinging around and showing me that he was doing something else. Really, I should’ve seen it coming. And on the Holt front, it’s his first day and things don’t go as planned. But maybe it’s best that they didn’t.

Doug Judy and the Wedding Invite

I love that every single time Doug Judy is on the scene things go in wild and in unexpected directions. That was especially true for this episode. It was Doug Judy’s wedding and Jake was more than a little upset that he wasn’t invited. These two have had an unconventional friendship since the very start so we should’ve expected that.

What we didn’t expect was for Doug Judy to have a plan all set up to get his friends locked up because his new wife didn’t want any of his criminal friends at the wedding. It was genius AF and the kind of twist we can expect from this master criminal himself. Makes us want to see more of Doug Judy.

We also wouldn’t mind seeing more of Trudy Judy. I have to believe that she was down with the whole plan. She’s too smart herself to go along with things without her own motives otherwise. But like her brother, she’s always a welcome and hilarious surprise that makes the episode shine even more because she’s actually worse than her brother.

Either way, we love the Judy’s and hope to see pictures of Jake at the wedding with Amy.

Captain Holt’s First Day Back on the Job

It’s kind of sad that we didn’t see more of Terry as Captain. That’s the first thing we’re gonna talk about. He’s got dreams and aspirations for sure, so why did they take it all away without a second thought on how it might hurt Terry. Unless Terry doesn’t want to move forward and he’s happy where he is now? Which I doubt.

Captain Holt and his obsession with the business card was hilarious and something that I’m glad Rosa and Terry fixed. Watching Terry fret over what color gum was on the card was only matched by Rosa making sure that Captain Holt knew she was only there to be along for the ride that it all was.

And on the whole fixing situation, Holt needed a good reminder of all the good that he’s done. Sometimes we forget the good we do on the daily basis because the bad takes so much space up in our lives and in our minds. So now, instead of having a business card on his desk that reminds him of his lowest point, he has one that reminds him of his highest.

That matters.

Other Things to Note:

1. Did I want to see more of Amy and Jake being pregnant? Yes. Am I a little bummed we didn’t get any of them together this episode? Hell yeah. How dare you do this to me Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Me and my fragile #Peraltiago heart? :p

2. Boyle, stop. Any vending machine with fish isn’t going to happen. Ever. 

3. Hitchcock and Scully were so prepped and ready for their new machine. Seriously, Amy should’ve been proud.

4. Remember leather jacket wearing Boyle? I saw a bit of him this episode when he showed Hitchcock and Scully that little trick.

5. Who chewed up all that gum on the cards?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30 pm on NBC.

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