‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ 1×02 Review: “My Witches”

Motherland: Fort Salem “My Witches” took our witches on three seperate journeys that somehow ended up with them being together and stronger for it. Raelle is still being tricked by the Spree mass murderer. Tally is proving that she’s got the power and drive to be the best while being an adorable goober. And Abigail…well Abigail, I’m still having trouble connecting with her or cracking the self imposed shield she surrounds herself with.

Raelle is Being Set Up, Big Time

I’d like to start this off by saying that I don’t ship Raelle and Scylla. I know that as a community we don’t get as much representation as we want. So when a possible ship comes around with queer people, we just on it like white on rice. And that can’t happen, without looking at the facts, the story, and the actual characters.

Scylla is evil. Yes, I said the big “E” word and I meant it. Because of her and the Spree, hundreds of people died in the matter of minutes. And I can’t ship that person, that monster, with Raelle. If anything, Raelle deserves better and I hope that another person comes into the mix, making it a queer love triangle.

Raelle is being set uo by Scylla who thinks she can influence Raelle with fanciful displays of rebirth and then letting her into her bed. And our girl deserves better and will be shattered once she figures out what Scylla is doing, because she will. She’s smart AF and I have no doubt that she will connect the dots and not condone what the Spree does.

Because let’s be perfectly honest, Fort Salem aren’t a bunch of saints. There’s clear danger around every corner when it comes to this Academy and the wars they want these young women to fight. So Raelle is being set up on all fronts, probably feeling like she is being pulled this way and that at every turn.

And I can’t wait.

I Kind of Really Love Tally

Do I still stand by my opinion from last week’s episode when it comes to Tally? Absolutely. She’s a true believer and those are the most dangerous people when it comes to Fort Salem and the general state of the world. Do I feel like I’m seeing her with new eyes in “My Witches”? Absolutely! Tally’s just so sweet and so eager to please that I want to protect her from the world and those that would harm her because she’s a witch.

And that’s not to say that she can’t protect herself. So what if she wasn’t able to run at her commander to attack her during a demonstration. When it really counted she was able to defend herself and her witches against someone who needed to calm down asap. And watching her be proud of that fact made me feel like a proud mama to a character that has suddenly become mine.

All of this makes the conversation that she had with her actual mother even harder. Tally still has these grand ideas about what Fort Salem is all about and her mother won’t let her forget that they have wildly different opinions about what being an army witch is aka a death sentence for a country that doesn’t accept or want us. Seeing that notion because a reality in the witch war room didn’t help either.

Oh Abigail, I Need More

Unfortunately for this witch, I’m still having trouble connecting with her. I really wish they would lay heavy on the pressure that her mom puts on her to be perfect, but we only saw a glimmer of that before it was squashed by Abigail’s brash and untrusting behavior. She has depth, I can feel it, and I’m ready to see it and I mean asap!

I’m most interested in why she feels like she needs to be on the attack, first and foremost. We were introduced to someone from her past that ruined a day for Abigail. And the first meeting was brutal, full of insults that were born from hatred and pent up anger. You could feel the simmering anger in Abigail for this young woman and I want to know why.

Why is she the way she is?

Why is she so untrusting of those around her?

Why is she REALLY at training?

I have so many questions when it comes to Abigail and it’s the reason why I’m sticking with her. She’s intriguing and a character who I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of. Let’s hope what’s beneath is as interesting as we are of what lurks in the depths of Abigail and who she is as a witch, a woman, and a young person training for the front lines of war.

Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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