‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ 1×03 Review: “A Biddy’s Life”

Motherland: Fort Salem‘s “A Biddy’s Life” saw the base shift it’s focus as male witches spent time with our favs, from Tally to Abigail and Raelle. With this shift came Tally flirting her little heart out, us finally understanding Abigail on a different level, and Raelle on the brink of discovering the reality that Scylla is evil. It’s coming guys, I can feel itttt!

So without further ado, let’s dive into Motherland: Fort Salem‘s “A Biddy’s Life.”

Tally is A Flirt and We Love It

First off, Tally looked so damn adorable and badass during “A Biddy’s Life.” The hair pulled back and braided gave me Elven feels from Lord of the Rings and now I can’t get that badass picture out of my head, no matter how much I try because I need to focus on this review and not how pretty Tally is.

*deep dreamy sigh*

On a more serious note, watching Tally find her way around the young men that visited Fort Salem was entertaining and thought provoking. She’s never spent time around men or boys and this is a brand new experience for our Tally (and maybe for the viewer as well because most have met the opposite sex.) And like everything else in her life she did it with the grace and power that runs through her very veins.

Tally made connections with others, embraced her own power, and came out on top because of it. Hell, she even made googly eyes at a cute boy, which I think is more important than some actual smooching, and impressed her leader with her ability to channel the energies around her. This young witch is going places and surprising us at every turn.

And we are here for it!

I Finally Understand Abigail

It’s no secret that I’ve had a hard time connecting with Abigail. I haven’t been able to understand why she’s always on the attack or ready to rip your throat out at the drop of a dime. I’ve needed more and I think it took til this very episode for me to understand that Abigail is not your typical witch or the bully she paints herself to be at Fort Salem.

Abigail is under immense pressure that started generations ago and ends with her mother. This in turn has made Abigail a survivor, a fighter, and a follower when it comes to the rules set out by her family or the status she has been afforded in life. After all, she’s a Bellweather and the shoes she has to step into are huge and worn by those that came before her.

Oh but she’s rich, what could she have to complain about? Pressure is pressure. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, young, or old. And as someone who has felt the sting from family when I do something wrong, it’s important for Abigail to make her mother proud and not disappoint her lest she wants to feel her mother’s disappointment, which is always terrible.

So far, this feels like a little taste of who Abigail is and I can’t wait for more!

Scylla is Evil and Raelle Deserves Better

I tried, guys. I really did. I tried giving Scylla the benefit of the doubt even though she’s evil in the name of queer relationships we rarely get on TV. But I can’t and I don’t think I’ll ever to see Scylla as anything but a murderer, a manipulator, and one of the most disgusting parts of this show. Seriously, I can’t stand her and Raelle deserves better.

Here’s hoping that Raelle remembers seeing Scylla standing there while Raelle passed out after helping her ex boyfriend. Because that face that Scylla had, oh girl, that wasn’t shock or surprise. That was nothing. Just a blank face who knew what she had done and held no shock, remorse, or fear for what had just happened.

Considering how badass Raelle has been from the very first moment we saw her, here’s hoping that she doesn’t keep falling for Scylla and her crap. No more excuses, no more made up stories to placate Raelle. It’s time for Raelle to take a stand and ask why Scylla would kill a young man, because her relationship leaves no margin for error or confusion.

Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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