Mandy Moore Performs A Song From ‘A Walk To Remember’

Mandy Moore will forever be an idol. One that I absolutely admire and love.

One of my favorite rolls that she ever took on was in A Walk to Remember. Can we all agree that movie was one of the best romances ever and I mean if we’re all being honest, one of the only good Nicholas Sparks movies ever made.

My favorite song in the movie was Only Hope. It’s a song I still listen to in order to lift my spirits and make me feel hope. The actress/singer performed the sing for this first time in a long time.

My quarantined heart is happy.

The star has barely ever performed the song live. One of the last times she has ever performed the song live was in the Philippines back in November of 2003, at her concert.

I love this. She should definitely perform it live more often and during the Instagram Live, where she performed Only Hope, with her husband accompanying her she said she would perform on her next tour.

Do you love the song?

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  1. I loved that entire movie soundtrack! One of my favs 🙂

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