Social media is a scary place. It can be used for good, but lets all be honest here – it’s not always the case that it is used for good. In todays society trolls make the internet a hard place to be. I can’t imagine what it is like forRead More →


One thing that life has taught me is that I really don’t know anything about what anyone does. I can have a perception of it, but a lot of people’s hustle is on the down low. Not everyone puts everything front and center, but if you’re paying attention, you canRead More →

Despite being apart for almost a year thanks to the One Direction hiatus, the love between bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan is as strong as ever. In true bromance style, Nialler responded with a rather sweet and aw-worthy reply to Tommo’s recent instagram post, which was also kind ofRead More →