Jeremy Irvine Is Helping People Out As A Tutor… Kinda

I am all about learning. I’ve been taking a lot of time during this quarantine to do just that.

But hey, I will be the first to say that I am over school. However, if Jeremy Irvine was my tutor, I may be tempted to return to classes.

The actor has been using quarantine to offer his tutoring services to fans.

“Professor Irvine (self appointed) will be taking your questions tomorrow for the 3rd edition of ‘Jez Does Your Work’!” he announced. “Working or studying from home?! DM me for EXPERT (I mean it) advice on ANY (I really mean it) subject! from school homework to PHD level theses, to helping lawyers write that particularly tough defence case or helping research scientists put the finishing touches to that new theory of particle physics… I’ll be here for expert advice to all. 👍💪📘.” he captioned his third post.

I mean no joke, I thought about shit I could make up to get his advice.

What celebrity would you want to tutor you?

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