'Killing Eve' 3x03 Review: "Meetings Have Biscuits"

‘Killing Eve’ 3×03 Review: “Meetings Have Biscuits”

Killing Eve‘s “Meeting Have Biscuits” was all about that Villaneve reunion and no one can tell us otherwise! Seriously, I don’t remember what else happened in this episode because we were so focused on the reunion between Eve and Villanelle atop a London doubledecker. And because this is our review and we can do whatever we want. Let’s break down that reunion!

First off, Eve. She was minding her business and trying to get in contact with her good for nothing husband. #ISaidWhatISaid. And even though she looked calm, she was in shock and raging inside that he would disappear without giving Eve the courtesy of a heads up.

Then Villanelle happened. Out of all the places that Eve thought they would be reunited. (Yes, because I believe Eve thinks about Villanelle all the time and has been picturing how she would see the woman of her dreams again. And yes, I said that while still believing these two are a hot mess.) Villanelle looks assured and better than ever.

That annoys the hell out of Eve and she goes on the attack.

In Eve’s mind, how dare Villanelle look so put together and like life is ok when Eve’s life has completely crumbled. That’s why she went so hard on Villanelle but also why she didn’t go as hard as she could’ve on Villanelle. Because mixed up in all of those emotions, this woman still makes her feel things that she doesn’t understand but secretly wants.

As for Villanelle, she knew that Eve would react badly, but not to this extent. And like the crazy badass she is, she took control of the situation and stopped Eve. Because she wasn’t necessarily there for Eve. Villanelle has a job and just can’t help herself when it comes to Eve and everything she makes her feel.

Part of it too, is that Villanelle wants to show Eve how empowered she is and how she’s not wallowing over her heartbreak. Which…we still kind of think she is. Then the kiss happened.

Personally, we think it was a surprise to both of them. Emotions, when they build up and create a storm inside of you, need an outlet. And for Eve, in that very moment, the only thing she could think about is kissing Villanelle. So, she went for it. And this is coming from someone who thinks these two are a toxic, yet fun, mess of a couple.

And Villanelle, she wasn’t expecting this to go down the way it did at all. We didn’t see it coming so imagine Villanelle, the kind of assassin who likes control and planned meticulously how she would smell the first time she reunited with Eve, and how she felt when the women who broke her heart kissed her.

Ultimately, the reunion between Eve and Villanelle was one of fire, anger, and longing that spiralled into a kiss and a headbutt, because when can things ever be simple between these two. But when we really think about it, everything between these two isn’t normal. And that’s ok. Women are allowed to be toxic and messy at the same time and oh boy, are these two both of these things.

Back to Villanelle, our girl is starstruck and still completely in love with Eve, no matter what she might’ve said or acted like before reuniting with Eve. Same thing goes for Eve. Her world is a twisted mess but she missed Villanelle and secretly hopes to meet with her once more. That’s why she closes her eyes and presses that little heart at the end of the episode to her face.

Eve is obsessed with Villanelle and the feeling is returned.

Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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