‘Motherland: Fort Salem” 1x07 Review: “Mother Mycelium”

‘Motherland: Fort Salem” 1×07 Review: “Mother Mycelium”

Motherland: Fort Salem saw the true beginnings of Scylla’s redemption via a small kernel of regret brought out of her via Raelle and picked up by Anacostia. It also saw Abigail and Tally fighting an inner way that pulls at them from every which direction. Read on for our review of Motherland: Fort Salem‘s “Mother Mycelium”!

That Small Kernel of Regret

Not going to lie, from the very first moment that I found out Scylla was Spree, I was thrown off and sickened by what she was doing to Raelle. I thought it was all a joke or part of Scylla’s master evil plan to recruit Raelle. And it was. But Scylla didn’t go through with it. She decided to choose love instead of duty, mayhem, and death.

And that right there, it matters. Because no matter what I feel for Scylla, she needs to work on herself and what she stands for. And hopefully it won’t be the nonesense she was spewing while in captivity. I think she was saying those things to puff herself upa nd seem biggere and not scared. But she’s not bigger and she is scared.

Seeing Raelle changed things.

There’s no more time for putting up a big front when the love of her life and the reason why she wants to change, is right there in front of her. It’s time to be honest, time to be real, and time to admit that she’s way over her head. And that’s ok. Most of us don’t know what we’re doing and we would hope those that love us understand and forgive us.

Not saying that Scylla should be forgiven for the deaths she’s taken. But that small kernel of regret that Anacostia felt, it’s real and it’s something that will hopefully not go away, especially because she caught a glimpse of Raelle and everything was ok for just a couple minutes. And knowing now that Anacostia has a thing for orphans, who knows what might happen next.

What I do know is that Raelle knows that Scylla is alive but not reason why she’s trapped. When she does find out, she’ll be horrified. No doubt about that. But she’ll see the regret in Scylla’s eyes and hold onto that because that’s what you do when you love someone, you take in the good and (if you want) take in the bad as well. 

Here’s hoping that Raelle (or us, dear viewer) get burned for putting our trust in that kernel of regret that Scylla expressed.

Damn, General. That Did Not Go As Expected

I’m kind of proud of Khalida for putting the General in her place. Our General has been playing a game with the new people of Fort Salem with the expectation she’ll be gifted with their song. She’s been calm, practical, and 100% hiding that she wants the songs of these people no matter what comes her way. Right now she’s being nice and gentle in her prodding. But after this episode, I think that’s out the window.

And this isn’t to say that she’ll destroy these nomads for their songs. It means that she will use more aggressive techniques to get them to bend to her will. Sure, they might have mighty songs like the one Khalida put the General through, but our General isn’t a quitter and this isn’t her last stand. It’s not even her first, second, or third, I bet. And the General will get what she wants, no matter how long it takes.


Because witches are her first priority and the Spree are putting everyone in danger. Fear breeds hate of the unknown and right now the humans are feeling hella amounts of fear because of the deaths perpetrated by the Spree to hurt fellow humans/non-magical folk. That is dangerous for the witches of the world and could change the tide to where witches are killed and burned at the stake like their ancestors.

And General Adler has no time for any of that. Not now, not ever. So, good luck and godspeed!

Abigail and Tilly, Living the Military Life

It was really interesting watching Abigail and Tilly live their lives while trying to do and be the best they can be for Fort Salem. Because they’re soldiers, but they’re also friends and family to each other. And for both of them, it’s walking this delicate balance between two words while trying to be the best they can be.

Abigail has met someone new at Fort Salem, a survivor of a group of people that everyone and their momma wants to get their hands on their songs. And she likes this guy, feels connected to him in a way that no other young man has done for her. But no matter what comes her way or what this young man shares, Abigail’s priority is that of her team and Fort Salem.

Tally had to deal with something similar in Mother Mycelium. She wants to tell Raelle the truth, that she was the one that discovered Scylla was Spree. But she can’t. And it’s not because she doesn’t care for Raelle. She cares for her deeply and feels a sisterly bond with her. But she can’t say anything because honor and duty are of ultimate priority.

Both young women with a battle wagging inside of them that pulls at them; should they follow the military path they have committed themselves to or do they chuck it all because family and friendship take priority? Whatever comes next, it’ll be a challenge for both of them and we can’t wait to see it all play out!

Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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