‘Survive’ Episode 12, “Where Memories Live”

Memories. They can either propel us or cripple us. But they are the things that live with us.

Some of them we try to forget. There are good memories and there are bad memories. We all know that. I feel like it’s the one thing that we can’t debate. Sometimes those memories can shape who we become, without our understanding.

Until the time is right.

If there is something that we have learned, it’s that Jane needed to find her will to live. She needed to find a way to have hope, but she had lost all of that. It’s a weird thing though – how when you lose hope you can find it in the strangest of places.

For Jane, it was in the memories she had.

Her pocket watch is gone. Her father had given it to her, telling her that the sound of it – when she heard it, it was him. I now understand her attachment to it.

But that watch is gone.

And Jane – she isn’t. She’s found this will – this strength inside her that is motivation to survive.

But we do find out that Paul hasn’t. When they got to him – the day after they found her – he had passed. But he had left Jane a letter. And he thanked her for everything. He thanked for her the love that they felt, for being his for this time, but mostly reinforced that she had found the will to live.

And that he was glad that she didn’t take her life.

And for me – Jane’s had all the pain in the world. She’s had everything go wrong in her life. But the reality of the situation is that she thought that all of those bad things had defined her.

They hadn’t.

What had defined her – was her. And she had a new will. She was going to survive, because she was worth that.

She was always better and bigger than her circumstances. She just needed to see it.

And realize that she’s more than the bad.

She’s the good memories that live inside her heart.

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