A ‘Younger’ Spinoff? YES PLEASE.

A Younger spinoff?

We are here for it.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Darren Star is teaming with Viacom to do a spinoff. The star? Hilary Duff.

Do we know much? No.

Do we know what network? No.

We’re unsure if there is a backdoor pilot in the seventh season of Younger. And to be honest – the thing that scares me the most is that this will mean Lizzie McGuire won’t happen. Because I need that to happen too.

Younger was originally supposed to move to The Paramount Network, but remained at TV Land. It is rumored that this is possibly going to go to The Paramount Network. But it could possibly go to any of CBS/Viacom’s networks.

The Kelsey Peters spinoff has not been confirmed, but we would be down for it.

Would you?

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