as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, #Younger delivers some news i am not ready to come to terms with. Read More →

It’s been almost a year since Younger aired its sixth season. (Time passes too quickly!) I took advantage of quarantine to enjoy this show again, and after finishing it, I’m looking forward to watching season 7! But till that moment comes, we’re going to try to get our excitement up by makingRead More →

A Younger spinoff? We are here for it. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Darren Star is teaming with Viacom to do a spinoff. The star? Hilary Duff. Do we know much? No. Do we know what network? No. We’re unsure if there is a backdoor pilot in the seventhRead More →

Welcome to the season finale of Younger! After what happened last week, “Forever” prepared us for the long-awaited final climax of the season … but it has not been as we expected. Actually, the episode has left us  disappointed because it has not really solved any of the main issuesRead More →

Welcome to Younger! After the decisions made in the previous episode, “Holding Out for A Shero” deals with the consequences. Liza still doesn’t face the truth until she has no choice, as Kelsey tries to find out what she wants to do, after her decision to leave her post. Let’sRead More →

Welcome back to one more week of Younger! This episode has been more transitional than anything else, preparing everything for the last two episodes of the season. “It’s all about money, honey” has made a detour until a final decision for Liza that is a complete mistake, but that surelyRead More →

Welcome again to the world of Younger! After the bomb that exploded in the previous episode, “Millennial’s Next Top Model” has shown the consequences of this for Millennial, and has also introduced another stone in Charliza’s shoe, just in case there weren’t enough. All with the intention of preparing theRead More →

Welcome to one more week of Younger! After some transition episodes, THE episode finally arrives. An episode that makes us scream HOLY SHIT!. The actors defined “The debu-taunt” as a game changer and, of course, it is. Everything changed in this episode, and we’re left with the feeling that weRead More →

We return with another episode of Younger! “Friends with Benefits” is an episode where the emotional conflicts of the characters advance more than ever. While some couples move forward, others get stuck between denial and division of feelings. Where will this trip take us? Let’s comment everything! Here we go!Read More →

A new episode of Younger is here! Again, it has basically been a transitional episode, not one of my favorites to tell the truth, since dream-based situations are not to my liking. That said, the episode titled “Merger, She Wrote,” made me scream “it was about damn time, Charles!” andRead More →

Welcome back to Younger! I think it’s no secret to anyone that this episode is transitional. In fact, what is really important happens at the last minute. It isn’t my favorite of this wonderful series. In that last minute I shouted “finally, Liza!” Because what has happened is exactly whatRead More →

We’re here once more to discuss everything about Younger! “The Unusual Suspect” has been like a second part of last week’s episode. That’s how I’ve taken it. It has not been of my favorites, but the truth is that it has developed much more what we were beginning to glimpseRead More →

Welcome to Younger reviews! It’s pleasure to share my feelings with all of you. I love this show. It is light, fresh, fun and full of characters so emotionally complex that it is impossible not to love them. From now on, every week we will analyze together everything that theRead More →

Younger returns for Season 6 on June 12th at 10/9c on TV Land and we could not be more excited! For any of you who are living in a land of foolishness and aren’t yet watching the fun and flirty comedy, we’ve put together a countdown list of the topRead More →

It was always going to be difficult (perhaps impossible) to live up to the expectation and anticipation of Charles and Liza’s first time sleeping together.  Younger 5×08 “The Bubble,” unsurprisingly misses the mark for me with the couple’s bedroom activities, but delivers in other firsts. Stay with me, Team Charles.Read More →

YODEL-AY-HEEHOO! Younger 5×07 “A Christmas Miracle” really is a MIRACULOUS episode! “A Christmas Miracle” is a snow flurry of my favorite things about Younger, including its ability to make a magical PG kiss just raunchy enough with the little booty grab. I am in #TeamCharles heaven! The deeply satisfying loveRead More →

Younger 5×04 “The Talented Mr. Ridley” balances the salty with the sweet but is still not satisfying enough to last the two weeks until the next episode. I’m hungry for more Younger! The Sweet Diana’s attempt to re-enter the dating scene with a games night ends up really crappy. Literally. AsRead More →

Younger 5×03 “The End of the Tour” takes a pink highlighter and rests it on my most well-worn passages until it messily bleeds all over the words, then it rips out pages from my final chapters and crumples them up, tossing them lonely into the bin. This episode messes meRead More →