‘Killing Eve’ 3x08 Review: “Are You Leading or Am I?”

‘Killing Eve’ 3×08 Review: “Are You Leading or Am I?”

Killing Eve’s “Are You Leading or Am I?” sealed the deal when it came to A) loving this show to the moon and back and B) shipping the obvious couple presented before our very eyes. Villaneve is real, it’s always been, and it regrettably took me to season 3 to realize it. Because of that, I’m absolutely down for doing a rewatch to see things between Eve and Villanelle with fresh eyes. Until then, enjoy my review of Killing Eve’s “Are You Leading or Am I?” And when you’re done, let me know how you feel about the season finale!

That Ballroom Scene

I still can’t get over Villanelle’s hesitation during this scene. For three seasons she’s been the big bad, the prize at the end of this cat and mouse game they’ve been playing. And here she is, watching strangers dance and wishing that she felt whatever they were feeling. When Eve offered her hand to help her feel that way, Villanelle became this shy and hesitant woman that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Why is Villanelle capable of being vulnerable around Eve? It’s simple. Love is the reason why. Love has enabled Villanelle to know that she can be vulnerable around Eve. Love has made it so Villanelle can let her walls down around Eve. And love has changed Villanelle to be capable of demonstrating or giving into that vulnerable nature. It’s all because of Eve and how she makes her feel and I am so here for it.

Then there’s the actual dancing. Did you guys see how close they were or how cute they looked when they closed their eyes and continued dancing? Well, of course you did because you watched the episode but the point still stands. They believe and trust in each other. No one is going to get stabbed in the back during this moment of vulnerability. If anything, they are being super duper honest once more with each other. And again, I’m here for it.

AND THEN THERE’S THE CONVERSATION THEY HAD! It’s been seasons of build up to this point where they can talk about their future together. Eve feels like they’d devour each other; even though we all know she wants something with Villanelle. And Villanelle, she wants that life with Eve. Confesses that it would be kind of nice to have a life with her. If that isn’t hella gay and confirmation that Villaneve is here to stay, then I don’t know what is.

I’m still bitter that their party got interrupted by that other assasin but I won’t let it erase or change the fact that two seconds before that, Villanelle opened herself up once more to Eve when she confessed about all the people she’s killed. Eve’s response of “I know.” was the most gentle thing ever and I’m so proud of both of them, how far they’ve come, and how much they still have to learn from each other.

That Scene at Paul’s Home

First of all, I love that Eve and Villanelle were whispering and talking to each other like there was no one else in the room before Carolyn interrupted them and made them sit down. Carolyn knows the connection these two have is kind of twisted, no denying that, but they need, like, and possibly love each other. So they follow Carolyn’s rule and sit next to each other while shit goes down with Konstantin and Paul.

Now to the most important part of this scene, Villanelle choosing to stay with Eve. In that moment, when Konstantin was asking her if she wanted to come with him, she made a decision. She had seen how he treats people that are family. And if that is what happens when you matter to him then she doesn’t want it at all. There’s strength in that decision. Strength, hope, and the possibility for a future devoid of vultures like Konstantin.

And there’s Carolyn’s comment about Eve going “cold turkey” and how Eve knows exactly what she means by that. Carolyn wants Eve to leave everything behind and go with Villanelle. It’s what will make Eve happy and they all know it. So why not let the past go, look towards the future, and make something with Villanelle. Everyone knows that’s what she’s wanted for ages now and there’s no more time for games.

Eve leaving the scene of the crime and running away was done out of fear. It wasn’t that she wanted to leave Villanelle. It was more about the fact that someone had just been murdered right in front of her. Hell, I think I would’ve ran too if I were in her shoes. And Carolyn telling Villanelle to trot along and go after Eve felt like the icing on top of an intense scene like none we’ve seen on Killing Eve.

That Scene on the Bridge

Where to start in my favorite Villaneve scene in the entirety of Killing Eve? Well, how about Eve’s realization that the only people who would find killing someone together as a romantic act, is them? She could’ve separated herself from Villanelle or made Villanelle the monster in this story like many others have before. But no, Eve grouped them in together. They are one and there’s no point in denying it, in Eve’s eyes.

Villanelle’s reaction to those words and her confession that she doesn’t want to do this anymore, sealed the deal for Villaneve, in my book at least. They are no longer the people they were in the beginning of this cat and mouse game. They have grown by leaps and bounds to arrive where they are now on the Tower Bridge. It’s because of each other and for each other. And once more, we are here for it.

Then Eve had to go and tell Villanelle that when she thinks about her future she thinks of Villanelle. Pair that with Villanelle teasing response that it’s a very beautiful face that she has, and you’ve got a recipe for OTP that can no longer be denied by those that have held back when it comes to Villaneve. It’s alive, it’s real, and it’s right in front of your faces, people. All that you have to do is look at the writing on the wall and accept it.

That writing also includes Eve confessing that she wanted Villanelle’s monster to encourage her monster. No denying the truth of how much Eve has changed. No calling Villanelle a monster like so many have done so before. Just honest truth that Eve has wanted this all along and that’s ok. Being honest with yourself isn’t a disservice to yourself. It honors who you are and who you are becoming. So, Eve and Villanelle were honoring that in each other.

Villanelle’s willingness to leave Eve behind to rebuild her life anew spoke volumes of how much Villanelle has grown as a woman, friend, and human being. It also speaks to how much they care for each other. If this is what Eve really wanted in her heart then she was going to let her go to stop her pain. So she placed her back against Eve’s and started walking away from her. And every step they took, I ended up screaming at my computer, “TURN BACK AROUND. KISS HER. TURN BACK AROUND. KISS HER.”

And sure, the kiss might’ve not happened but something even more grand did. They both turned around. They both looked at each other. And if that isn’t a declaration that they’re in this together and that they’re not willing to let each other go, then I don’t know what is! Layer that with the music by Saoirse Ronan and you’ve got OTP realness present and ready. You don’t put a song about kissing someone forever between a platonic couple.

You put a song like “Tell Me” between two people who love each other, who are there for each other, and who can’t imagine their life without each other. And that’s true for Eve and Villanelle. I don’t know what comes next or when we’ll get a season 4. What I do know is that I’m grateful to have gone on this Killing Eve journey with Eve, Villanelle, the BBC, and all the fans. This is an exemplary show that breaks down, studies, and portrays uniquely wonderful and interesting women.

So, bring it on season 4 of Killing Eve. Bring on all the Villanelle trying to find her way in life that she’s now decided she doesn’t want to kill anymore. Bring on Eve trying to accept the monstrous parts of her with Villanelle by her side. Bring on Villaneve in whatever capacity the BBC thinks to give me. And hopefully, one day down the line, these two will give into each other and give us something we could’ve never imagined happening; a couple who worships each other’s bodies, minds, and souls.

Killing Eve is set to return for season 4 on the BBC.

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  1. It’s Tower Bridge not London Bridge. 99% of the reviewers have gotten this wrong but an important detail since the best scene of the entire show is there

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