Keeping the Cowboy: The HOT Novella You Need!

Sometimes you just need a hot, steamy cowboy novella to brighten your day, and Keeping the Cowboy by Julianna Foxe DELIVERS.

In this second chance romance, we meet our heroine, Becca, whose life did not turn out as she planned. Becca is studying to be a veterinarian, she has herself a supportive mentor and she’s close to achieving her dream. But …she pushed the love of her life away when they were going off to college, not before they had one night together.

Charlie, the hero of the story and our cowboy, is the long lost high school “friend” who has inherited his grandfather’s farm after he passed. Of course, the place reminds him of Becca, but he’s pretty sure she’s long gone now, achieving her dreams.

Neither is expecting to see one another again, which really does make for the best second time meet cute! Charlie answers the door in just a towel and from the way Foxe describes things the fact that Becca doesn’t jump him right there and then shows far more strength then most of us possess! 

But it doesn’t take long! These two have undeniable chemistry. Time may have passed, but their feelings for one another have gone nowhere. It’s almost like you can feel the sizzle jumping off the page. Lucky Becca has found herself her own cowboy.

Becca has insecurities like the rest of us, but what I most identify with is her insecurity about her body. She tells Charlie the first time they make out that she is too “heavy,” but Charlie sees none of that. He truly loves everything about Becca, including her body. The way he shows her the beauty he sees actually brought me to tears. I wanted to stand up and clap for Foxe. All bodies are beautiful and for the first time, I was able to see that.

I was happy to discover this is the first of a series of books! Since Charlie has brothers and a sister, I very much look forward to more cowboy novels from Foxe. It was fun to meet the family briefly in this book and see how they supported Charlie and Becca. They all knew Becca was the one for Charlie, including Charlie – he just needs to convince Becca without scaring her off.

This novella is great! A sweet long time romance with a very sexy side – so looking forward to whatever comes next from Foxe.

Keeping the Cowboy is currently available on Amazon.

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