Ok Britney Spears Fans – Let’s Understand Boundaries

Look, I know we all have a million questions about Britney Spears. Truth is we don’t have the right to ask any of them. When it comes to someones health – both mental and physical – none of us have a right to ask shit.

Though a lot of Britney’s life that we would like to know but it’s not our right. Her conservatorship has been the subject of news and speculation, but it still falls under the none of our business.

We have read about her going back to court and we all know that the world is shut down right now.

So everything is virtual.

Well, Britney’s latest hearing on her conservatorship had to be postponed, because individuals who were not supposed to be on the call found their way onto the call and “illegally accessed the court’s digital video link system,” according to The Blast.

And guys – this is wrong. This is her life. This is her personal life and this is her health.

This is none of our business.

The people who kept coming in “refused to leave…popping back up several times after being ordered by the judge to exit the system,” The Blast reported. This caused the hearing to be postponed.

There is liking someone and being a fan, and there is crossing the line. Nowadays people don’t seem to be able to distinguish the line. It’s a sad thing.

Apparently due to the people interrupting the hearing it was pushed back to August.

Guys – we can’t be fucking with peoples lives. It’s not right. We need to be respectful.

So in my opinion, whomever did this is scum.

I said what I said.

What are your thoughts?

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