'Wynonna Earp' 4x01 Review: "On the Road Again"

‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×01 Review: “On the Road Again”

Watching Wynonna Earp’s “On the Road Again” felt like coming home. And I know how cheesy that sounds and I want to roll my eyes at myself at these words. But they’re true. Watching Wynonna Earp kick ass and take names feels like coming home. Watching Waverly put on a brave face and stand by Doc feels like coming home. And seeing Nicole fight tooth and nail for Waverly feels like coming home.

I’m glad to be home again. And to you, dear reader, I bet you’re glad to be here too. So, join me and buckle up as I break down Wynonna Earp’s “On the Road Again” and talk about everyone trying to rescue Waverly, that ending where Nicole is definitely not Nicole, and general impressions at what the hell is going on.

The Lengths Everyone is Willing to Go for Waverly

It kind of made my heart grow three sizes when thinking about all the people that Waverly has in her life. Especially because these people risked their lives in “On the Road Again” to find and rescue her from The Garden and its grabby vines. First up, Doc. I remember him taking that risk, that chance, and going after Waverly. I just forgot how close they are and realized that this will make them closer. Because, yes, he went to The Garden for Wynonna. But he also did it for Waverly aka the little sister he never knew he wanted or needed in his life.

And then there’s Wynonna Earp herself. Oh dear, she’s a mess without Waverly. Like, seriously…she was giving herself a pep talk as if Waverly was right there in front of her. And that right there is a little sad and heartbreaking on all sorts of fronts. Wynonna has opened her heart to Waverly in a way she’s never done before returning to Purgatory way back in season one. And being without her baby girl, well…it hurts worse than she expected. So she will fight for her, tooth and nail, until she gets her back.

Then there’s the Nicole Haught of it all. When Kate asked her for something that belonged to Waverly, Nicole chose herself. You know how confident you have to be in a relationship to know in your heart that you belong to someone else and they belong with you? Seriously, my mind is blown at the certainty in this moment. I’ve never been certain of anything in my life and here is Nicole making a declaration to end all declarations with her love for Waverly Earp. And dear lord, am I here for it!

Why is Nicole Naked?

That is not Nicole Haught. I want to believe that it’s her. I want to believe that she fell through that grate and somehow found her way to Waverly. But I can’t. That’s not Nicole Haught. Why not? First off, why would a random grate lead to another dimension and to the fabled garden that everyone and their mother has been looking for? It can’t be that easy. Also, wouldn’t it be convenient for Black Badge to have access to another dimension?

Then there’s the hair. We don’t even care that she’s naked right about now. Maybe the portal was at the bottom of that grate and it transported her to The Garden. Maybe it made her clothes go poof! Weirder things have happened on Wynonna Earp and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. But, back to the hair. It was braided, people. I can believe the portal taking her clothes. I can’t believe it doing her hair, especially in a style we haven’t seen in ages.

So who is she? I think she’s a creation of Waverly’s mind. Waverly is tied to this place by her father and she was muttering about birth rights just in time to give her blood to that weird noise/well thing. And we already saw signs that our baby girl was losing her memories the longer she stays in The Garden. Maybe, after giving her blood, the dimension they’re in is giving Waverly exactly what she needs to remember, not so she can go, but so she can stay.

And that angst right there is some twisted and fun realness that will make us anticipate that Wayhaught reunion in a way we’ve never seen before!

Random Thoughts on “On the Road Again”:

  1. Why is it that Waverly screaming sent a shiver down my spine?
  2. Did Doc change clothes or did production think we wouldn’t notice and put him in something a little warmer?
  3. Is no one going to talk about the fleshy meatball tied to Waverly? No? Well, I am. How much you bet that it’s the next enemy that they need to face in this wasteland of a garden? Place your money down now, people!
  4. Wynonna Earp’s pants. That’s it.
  5. Followed by Mercedes pants.
  6. Where is Jeremy and why was he taken by some weirdos who couldn’t take the hint that they weren’t wanted?
  7. I kind of forgot about Jeremy’s maybe boyfriend and I hope he’s ok.
  8. Zombies. Wynonna Earp did zombies. I love it.
  9. What are they going to do without Peacemaker?! I’m stressed, guys!

Wynonna Earp airs Sundays at 10/9c on SYFY.

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