Noah Flynn’s Instagram Is Blank – But We’re Still Following

If you’ve watched The Kissing Booth 2, you know that Elle spent some time stalking her mans Instagram profile. I mean long distance is hard, so I can’t blame her.

I’d be all over that shit too. Especially when they are hanging out with a hot chick all the time.

In the movie, Elle is stalking her mans Instagram all the time, @noah_nonsense12. The page is blank (and it’s definitely not in the movie).

Kinda disappointed that Netflix didn’t fill the page up, cause I would love to be looking through Elle and Noah’s lives. The Instagram page looked really good in the movie.

Also featured in the film was the profile, @chloewinthrop21 and yes, that page is blank too.

I would think that Netflix would know that having the profiles is a great marketing opportunity and could have filled them up with never before seen pictures, and had people engage as the characters.

If there is a number three in the series, I am gonna expect them to do that.

Wouldn’t you love Kissing Booth characters Instagrams? I would.

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