Adele Makes A Fan’s Day By Sending A DM On Instagram

Social Media is a funny place. It can take everything out of you, but it can also revive everything in you.

It’s a place that makes you feel so close to others, and sometimes so lonely at the same time. It’s a place where we have access to the celebrities that we love. It’s a place that can be used for good or evil, but we’re thankful as fuck for those that use it for good.


Adele is not someone who posts a lot, so every time she does, it draws a lot of attention. The world stops and pays attention for Adele. At least the people in my world do.

The songstress apparently pays attention to everyone, though. You would have thought that the superstar didn’t spend a lot of time on social media, but she sees all.

A fan posted in their Instagram stories, “Please release new music soon, we all miss you so much @adele.”

And who would have thought that she would see it? Well, she did and the singer responded in his DM’s.

“Your Twitter account has entertained me all the way through covid. You look like so much fun! I’m absolutely chuffed you like my music.”

Adele continued, “Keep loving your life, it’s so lovely and infectious to see from every angle ❤️.”

Just goes to show, people are always paying attention and kindness can change a person’s life.

What celeb would you want to DM you?

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