‘Britannia’ Episode 5 Review: If You Don’t Care, Then I Don’t Care

No one wants to be on the throne in Britannia episode 5, and if I’m being honest, I can’t really say I blame them. Kerra didn’t get killed, so she should probably be happy about the hand she was dealt, but she also got stuck with a raw deal, just because …eh, Aulus made a deal with the devil, aka Veran?

Whoever said the druids only listened to the spirits has clearly not been paying attention.

Or maybe the spirits want Aulus to win? I’m a little iffy on that.

To be fair, the show keeps trying to sell me on the idea of the importance of one man or another: typically Aulus and Divis. I just find them both boring enough that if they are important, well, I will see that when it comes, and on the meantime, I’d rather focus on the people that are marginally interesting. Why not?

Britannia Season 1 Episode 105

For example, the Queen who doesn’t want to be Queen, Kerra, and her multitude of feelings about all the things. Like, I get not wanting the throne, but if she doesn’t, then why not run away with Lindon? I mean, he’s not necessarily a keeper, but it would piss off Amena, and I’m sure that would make Kerra happy, on top of everything else.

Because trust me, Amena does want power. She wants all the power. She’ll stop at nothing to get it.

At first that was a big off-putting, but I’m starting to appreciate it, I am. We’re so very used to seeing ambition in women like a bad thing, but Amena just knows what she wants, and I for one won’t really complain if she gets it.

I will, however, complain if whoever ends up with power is on Veran’s side. Because Veran is creepy, yes, but he’s also slimy. He’s willing to make a deal with anyone, and absolutely no one should trust him. He makes this clear to Kerra when he reveals that he did Aulus’s bidding because he wants her as an ally in the battle against Loka.

Wait, did I mention Loka is apparently here, and that means Puica is also coming?

Don’t ask me, I don’t know, and I don’t really want to.

Britannia Season 1

Back to interesting stuff, Antedia is mad about Kerra, obviously, and the vibe between everyone is somewhere between I’d sleep with you and I’d murder you, or maybe do both …which I guess is more than I’ve gotten from previous episodes, so …eh …good? I’m not quite sure.

Halfway through season 1, and I think Kerra will, at least, survive this season. I make no promises about the next one. I did say I wasn’t going to get attached to anyone, and so far I’m doing a bang up job of that.

Things I think I think:

  • I did not need to watch what they did to Pelleanor’s body, I really didn’t.
  • We’re still going for the less sex than Game of Thrones but just as much gore – if not more – vibe?
  • “Hope is the daughter of a blind father” sounds cool and all, but huh?
  • I saw that coming, Phelan, but what exactly is the plan? Is there one?
  • You just had to make that “We like your mom, she’s got balls” quip to the face of the guy who literally doesn’t.
  • At least Antedia doesn’t trust Aulus. No one should.
  • Visually, this show is hella pretty, I’ll give it that.

Britannia airs Sundays at 9/8c on Epix.

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