Demi Lovato Gives An Update On Her Next Album

Say what you want to, but Demi Lovato has some pipes. Her voice is strong, distinctive, and beautiful. Personally, I listen to her music all the time, because it is beautiful, but also because I feel like it speaks to me.

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a new album from the singer, and we’re anxiously awaiting one. But we also understand that she’s in the midst of being newly engaged, so she’s probably going to want to take that all in and enjoy it.

She however, did give an update on her music.

“I’m in the process of working on it. I’m still going into the studio to write on it today. It took a different direction,” Demi told USA Today.

“Obviously my life has changed a lot. It was a story about everything that had happened, and now it’s kind of evolving into where my life is at today,” she added. “It’s beautiful to have your story to tell and I’m excited to incorporate that into my next project. I don’t have a timeline but I’m working on it.”

The singer did put out some new music though. It’s a collab with the one and only Jojo.

Are you excited for new music from Demi? What is your favorite song from her?

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