Adele Sets New Dates For Her Las Vegas Residency

The world is resetting itself – musically. Adele announces her new Las Vegas dates and our hearts are happy.

Lizzo Talks About Her Friendship With Adele

Friendship is the best ship and that is a hill that we will die on. Friends support each other, lift each other up, and make us see the best in ourselves. Quite frankly, if a friend doesn’t do that you…

Adele Facetimed With A Fan Who Hasn’t Had The Best Of Luck Trying To See Her In Concert

Adele was gutted having to reschedule Vegas dates, but as fans we all got it. One fan got to facetime with her & we now ❤️ Adele even more

Adele Drops The Video For ‘Oh My God’

Adele dropped a new music video and our fangirl hearts are happy.

Adele Reunites With A Teacher That Changed Her Life

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re crying our eyes out over this reunion…

Adele Talks About Fame And More With Zane Lowe

Being a celebrity sounds fun, but it also feels like celebrities don’t always like it. After all, would you want anyone in your business 24/7?

Adele Addresses The Comments Surrounding Her Weight Loss

Adele addressed all the comments about her 100 pound weight loss & we agree with what she had to say. Read about it here

A Preview Of Adele’s CBS Special Has Been Released

Adele + New Album = Oprah Interview and Concert Special. We approve

Ed Sheeran Answers The Question Why He Hasn’t Collabed With Adele

There are things that I think of and things that the internet brings to my attention and I am like why didn’t I think of that? When I think of music there are quite a few people that I love…

Adele Announces Two Concert Dates For 2022

A trip to London may be on the horizon, because we don’t miss the chance to see Adele.

Wait, Adele Let Who Listen To Her Album First?

If you thought your friends were cool, you have nothing on #Adele. We mean the first person to listen to her album is one of the most famous ppl in the world!

Adele Makes A Fan’s Day By Sending A DM On Instagram

If Adele pops into my DM’s the first thing I am gonna be thinking is that I forgot to take my meds and then that I took too many

Adele Shows Her Love For Beyonce

I stan when a queen appreciates and stans another queen.

Kelly Clarkson Talks About Adele’s Weight Loss

Everyone who reads Fangirlish knows that I have a shit ton of opinions and some you may agree with. Some you may not. But I have my own unique way of talking about all of the things that I feel.…