’12 Monkeys’: In Defense of Season 2 Cassandra Railly

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  1. Kevin LaFleur says:

    You know who also dislikes season2 Cassandra Railly? Jennifer. No mention of that? She even calls her a bitch. And even though Jennifer herself fulfills another trope—the crazy woman—she’s never unlikeable, nor is she even really considered by us (her audience) to be genuinely crazy. Jennifer calls Dr. Railly as she is, as we’re all thinking; I guess that doesn’t make her feminist enough, so you didn’t touch that exchange in your analysis?
    The reason people dislike S2 Dr. Railly is because her character transformation is poorly written. It—and her performance of it—come across as disingenuous. That’s it. No deep-seated underlying current of sexism. Which is unfortunate because Schull’s performance is otherwise exceptional, including her transformation from caregiver intellectual to frothing combatant.

    In contrast, the reason Jennifer’s crazy-woman character isn’t railed against by defenders of strong female protagonists is because it’s genuine. And it’s peppered with moments of lucidity that reveal she’s not crazy, she’s just complicated, and eccentric, and simply the most alone and misunderstood character among them all.
    Anyway, just rewatching this fantastic show once again and decided to look up other people’s take on s2 Railly. This one’s among the more bizarre and off-base, for sure.

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