Britney Spears Boyfriend Defends Her On Instagram

Look, we all have a million opinions about Britney Spears. We have all jumped to a million conclusions about her life and what is going on with her.

But the reality is that we know nothing because we aren’t a part of her personal life. Yes, her Instagram sometimes seems a little bit (okay a lot) out there, but again – her life.

“This account finally got too scary for me,” Author Kelly Oxford wrote on one of Spears posts. Oxford apparently never learned that if she has nothing nice to say she shouldn’t say anything at all.

But Spears boyfriend clapped back

“What’s so scary about the biggest superstar in the world being herself (authentic, funny, humble) without caring what others think…” Sam Asghari clapped back, according to a fan account. “We need more people like her and less Karen’s. also Instagram installed this button that you can hit to unfollow about 10 years ago…”

We stan.

The thing is guys, we all have a million thoughts about other people. We all think that we know things that we don’t. But if you don’t know or even if you do know, you shouldn’t comment on someone’s mental health (cause lets face it – that’s what Oxford was doing).

Britney Spears’ life is lived in the public eye, but we all need to realize our eyes don’t see everything.

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