‘Britannia’ Episode 6 Review: A Tale of Three Women

Britannia episode 6 is the best this show has been. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly a high bar to clear as the show has been slow, and even boring at times. That’s without mentioning the meandering plot, the severed heads, the gratuitous violence and, oh yes, the fact that we still don’t really care about anyone. But hey, three episodes to go before the season 1 finale, and at the very least, it looks like we’re getting some war next, so hopefully things will pick up?

The highlight of this episode is Kerra and Cait together, especially because if we’ve mustered some feeling for anyone so far, it has been these two. Also, Cait is desperate for a female figure to look up to after losing her sister, and Kerra fits that bill. We’re also desperate for a Queen to follow, and it’s not that we’re sure Kerra can be that woman, but who else is there?

Yeah, no one.

Episode 6 especially reinforced two things: Cait is important, which we been knew, and that Kerra is literally the only interesting character around with presumably good intentions. That’s sure to get her killed in the world of Britannia, but I’m giving her till season 2, at least.

I don’t think Cait can take care of the Romans before that anyway, and also we are getting a season 3, so …

There are other interesting characters, don’t get me wrong. Amena is …well, many things, but boring isn’t one of them. Rituals, demons and a very bad job at pretending she’s perfectly fine with Kerra being Queen don’t bode well for the future of this tribe. Oh yes, and did I forget to mention there’s Antedia who’s finally going to get her revenge – or, you know, presumably die trying?

While I’m talking about Antendia let me just take this moment to say that women like Antedia and Kerra have absolutely no reason to be flirting with Aulus. Like, I understand neither of them are probably truly interested in him, and this is part of the game women have to play – even more so in those days – but the whole thing is super incongruous to me, because I find Aulus about as attractive as Veran.

Not that Lindon is much better in my book. Six episodes in I still haven’t found a male character I care about, or can even pretend to root for, you know, for a prolonged period of time. If there’s anything Britannia does well is make sure I only care about the women, so I guess, for that, if nothing else, I should celebrate it.

I wouldn’t mind some more coherency, and you know, good writing as I attempt to care for them, though. I really wouldn’t.

Things I think I think:

  • Look, everyone on this show is creepy. That’s just the way it is. Even the people you presumably like.
  • Also, it pretty much seems like everyone is ready to switch allegiances at the drop of a hat.
  • Mackenzie Crook deserves a lot of credit for how he absolutely goes for Veran’s whole Veran-ness. It’s a hard role to pull off, and though I don’t particularly like Veran or root for him, or anything of the sort, I always find myself thinking: well, he’s not leaving anything in the thank.
  • Same goes for Nikolaj Lie Kaas, who plays Divis.
  • “One day, you Romans will be no more than songs and ruins in our lands” is the only literally just the second line on this show I feel like quoting, but I still feel like we should celebrate not just its existence, but Antendia’s sneer as she delivers the line.

Britannia airs Sundays at 9/8c on Epix.

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