5 Things We Want from ‘NCIS:Los Angeles’ Season 12

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  1. I can totally agree with these wishes. (most especially the Hetty wish.)
    And, I remember you from Tell Tale TV!

  2. Bliss says:

    All of those are good, but what I MOST want to see in Season 12 is a permanent romance for Callen and Anna. They’ve been through as much as any other couple, but have had less happy time together than any of them, and it’s time they had some.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      I agree! I’d like to see more of Anna too – she hasn’t been around enough, and I for one really enjoy when she is.

  3. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

    Yes, it’s me! I’m so glad people are finding my NCISLA love again.

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