‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 12×10 Review: “The Frogman’s Daughter”

NCIS Los Angeles 12x10 "The Frogman's Daughter"
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  1. I hated this episode. Literally the only highlights of this was seeing it trend on Twitter and hearing Hetty’s voice at the end graph!.
    If anything, this episode is just more proof that without Hetty, this show completely crumbles.
    I like Densi, but all this baby talk angst is really annoying me. It just doesn’t seem realistic to me that, after them just buying a house, the bar probably being in trouble, and Deeks getting that badge, that they want a baby so soon. Like, 9 months of pregnancy is no picnic!
    Oh, and another insulting thing about this episode: Even though she was mentioned in the press release, Anna wasn’t mentioned at all in the episode.
    Next week’s (the one Dani directed) looks good, but, I’m kind of expecting Hetty to be in the episode because of a couple of clues, and I’m not 100% sure right now if she’ll be in the episode, so, sigh.

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