‘Batwoman’ 3×01 Review: “Mad as a Hatter”

'Batwoman' 3x01 Review: "Mad as a Hatter"
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  1. Doesn't matter says:

    Alice is a murderous psychopath that has killed numerous people and is responsible for the deaths of Mary and Ryan’s mothers. She has wrecked havoc on the city of Gothem and put thousands of civilian lives at risk. Yet, you are perturbed by Ryan “lying” to said evil murderous person so she could save hundreds of people.

    It is completely unrealistic to expect Ryan to suddenly forget and forgive the person responsible for her mother’s death. This is a person that has suffered with nightmares, panic attacks, and flashbacks of her mother’s murder since it happened. In fact, it shows great growth and emotional strength that she’s even willing to work with Alice despite all the BS. Especially because, the only reason she wanted to wear the suit was to kill Alice.

    Then you throw in Loki as some sort of example like the Avengers never “lied” to him.

    Listen, I get it. As a character, Alice brings a lot to the show. She’s a great nemesis. There is no denying that. She’s actually one of my favorite characters. But this portion of the review was very tunnel visioned and lacked empathy for…well..everyone except Alice.

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