Chicago Fire’s Hanako Greensmith, Daniel Kyri and Alberto Rosende Tease Season 11

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  1. Megan Arin Hallisey says:

    Hi Lissete,

    I have a question on this sentence: To that effect, we had to tell Rosende that Gallo was on our naughty list most of last season because of his treatment of Violet, and Rosende, a little chagrined, teased that “it’s really cool when the opportunity comes for someone to rise to that occasion,” adding that with Violet and Hawkins kinda trying to figure out where they stand at the end of Season 1, “Gallo gets the opportunity to see what he’s going to do with that. Does he kind of let that fire fizzle out or does he do something to help?” (Did you mean to put Season 1? Or did you mean to put Season 10?) Because, neither of these 2 characters were in Season 1 of Chicago Fire. I like these 3 characters. Do you happen to know if Violet’s, Gallo’s, and Ritter’s side business so going to be mentioned at all in Season 11? Ritter forgot the recipe for the beer that won at Winter Fest, but nothing on the beef side business after.

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