Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ‘Miracles Of Christmas’ Review: “Christmas Bedtime Stories”

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  1. Jane Jakobeit says:

    One of the worst movies I’ve seen. The fact that the husband is still alive is a pretty big stretch. I could live with that except the colonel has no idea he’s alive even though he found his way to the embassy and had to get transportation back to the states. And instead of looking like he’s been a prisoner for 3 years, he looks like he’s been at a spa.
    I know there’s supposed to be some artistic liberties but this movie went way too far.

    1. I mean it’s a movie Jane, and it’s a Christmas movie. We found hope in it and the beauty of family. We’re sorry that you didn’t see that and remember the channel that you are watching it on.

  2. Linda Turner says:

    I love a good tear jerker, love story, but this ending was a disappointment, unrealistic and would have been much better if she had a dream settling things with her husband and married the man who loved her & her daughter.. and helped her for the past three years.

  3. Karen obrien says:

    For the 1st time in my lifelong devotion of being a fan of all things Hallmark, I lost all respect for this movie when the Dad miraculously showed up at the end. My family has 5 generations on both sides, including marriages of Military, including losses. It does not work this way, even with pow, miracles, etc. They glossed over the facts and the Superior she called would have known and her husband would have had to check in to Superiors before just ‘showing up’ at a dance. The plausible actions just fell flat and were not believable by the end. They spent alot of time building a story of liss and a daughter begging to know if her father, a mom mourning a loss, but not pulling the rest of the story together to fix the friendship and husband coming home parts. Great premise, actors, just the 1/4 finish was rushed and ruined my 1st hallmark Military movie. I tend not to watch Hallmark Military themes, they just don’t get a pro on the scene to help with accuracy/authentication. But I’m still a devoted Hallmark fan. Waiting on the next Fri/Sat/Sun movies

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