After We Collided Movie makes major casting announcements

After we collided the highly anticipated sequel based on New York times best-selling author Anna Todd’s after series is currently in production. Thursday was day 4 of filming and it was also an amazing day for the entire after fandom.

Why? Because we got some pretty huge casting announcements.

From the moment it was announced that a sequel was in the works, Afternators began putting together their wish lists of who they wanted to see cast in the role of Hardins mom Trish, his fathers longtime friend Christian Vance, his fiancé kim, and their son Smith.

well, we got that and more.

Early Thursday morning, the After movie account took to Instagram to make the casting announcements.  Each cast member made a video announcement to share who they would be playing and we could not be happier.

Charlie Weber: “Christian Vance”

Why this casting is perfect

Afternators have been speculating on this casting for a couple of months now so to find out that Charlie is in fact playing Vance was very exciting.

Christian Vance owns Vance publishing where Tessa is working as an intern. He is an educated businessman who makes a lot of sacrifices for those he loves. He also has a sarcastic side which we love and he has some hilarious banter with Hardin. Vance has been the closest thing to a father that Hardin has ever had.  He is a confidant for Hardin and he doesn’t pull any punches dealing with him. As most of you may know, Charlie is known for his role as Frank Delfino on the ABC drama How to get away with murder so we are confident that he will deliver a great performance in AWC. Without revealing a major spoiler, all we can say is this casting is perfect. Just watch the film when it releases, and you’ll see what we mean.

Louise Lombard: “Trish Daniels”
Why this casting is perfect

This was another casting Afternators figured out before the official announcement was made. Afternators check IMDB basically every day for updates and on one particular day in July, the site had Louise Lombard listed as Hardin’s mom Trish Scott. That immediately sent the fandom into a frenzy of edits and speculation. I myself was excited too because any news is always welcome when it comes to all things After. Louise is known for her role on CSI: Crime scene investigation. Also, fun fact: she was in an episode of How to get away with murder. I haven’t seen a lot of Louise’s work but I think she is going to be the perfect Trish. She has such a kind disposition, she’s beautiful and we know her scenes with Hero as mother and son, are going to break our hearts.

Candice King: “Kimberly”
Why this casting is perfect

Oh be still our Vampire Diaries loving hearts!

Now this casting really has us excited because here at Fangirlish, we love our TVD and Caroline was always a favorite. Having Candice join the After family is EPIC and the fact that she is portraying a character we love, makes it that much sweeter.

Kimberly is Vance’s fiancé and becomes a best friend to Tessa. Kimberly is a no-nonsense woman with a big heart. What’s more is she doesn’t take Hardin’s shit and we love that. She constantly calls him out and she is not afraid to do it. Candice will definitely pull it off because she had a similar personality when she played Caroline in TVD. She was the best friend and support system, she kept everyone’s spirits up when they were feeling down and that is just the type of person Kim is.

One thing I have to point out is, you guessed it, Afternators guessed correctly on this casting out as well. Back in June, Anna appeared on Candice and Kayla’s podcast Directionally challenged. Prior to this, Afternators made it known that Candice was their dream casting for Kim. Once Anna popped up on their podcast, that’s when the fandom felt like we were being told something.

Hey what can we say? Afternators are some great detectives.

Max Ragone: “Smith Vance”
Why this casting is perfect

Now we don’t know too much about this young man other than he is so adorable. Max has been cast in the role of Kim and Vance’s son Smith. Smith is a five-year-old kid who is wise beyond his years. Tessa babysits him for Kim and Vance one evening and he doesn’t really gravitate towards her despite her best efforts. Hardin seems to be the only one who can get him to open up because Smith reminds him of what he was like as a child.  They have some really cute conversations in AWC and we cant wait to watch it onscreen.

As the casting announcements continued to roll in, a few changes to previous characters was announced.

Karimah Westbrook: “Karen Scott”
Why this casting is perfect

Karimah Scott will be taking on the role of Hardin’s stepmother Karen Scott. Previously it was played by Jennifer Beals who due to a scheduling conflict will not be reprising the role. That’s okay though because we love Karimah too! She has been in many projects such as Save the last dance, and currently she stars in the CW series All American. Karimah is a wonderful choice to play Landons (Shane Paul McGhie) mom. On All American, she plays the role of the main character Spencer’s mother. Her character on that show is loving, and will do anything for her family just like Karen. She is the perfect fit for this role and we are hoping to see more interaction between her Landon, and Tessa this time around.

Rob Estes: “Ken Scott”
Why this casting is perfect

Rob Estes will be taking on the role of Hardins father Ken Scott. Previously the role was played by Peter Gallagher. We will miss Peter but are so happy to have Rob in the After family. Rob is most notably known for his work on Melrose place. He is good at portraying characters with a damaged and dark past so we know he can take on the challenge of playing Ken.

John Jackson Hunter: “Young Hardin”

Although his role is small, it will be a meaningful one. On Wednesday, we were introduced to the actor who will portray young Hardin. The announcement was shared with an adorable video of big Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) and little Hardin side by side.

In our opinion, they nailed this casting 100% and After we collided is going to be amazing.


Are you excited because we are! Tell us in the comments.



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