‘Chicago Fire’ 11×08 Review: “A Beautiful Life”

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  1. Rich says:

    I actually loved this episode. It finally gave me a handle on who Carver is. Carver is a work hard party harder guy with an edge who is looking for a fight. While we saw some of this already, this episode really drove it home. He is very different from everyone else at 51. While pre-Stella Severide may have fit the definition of “work hard, party hard,” he was not looking for a fight per se. It is good to see some different personalities, While you are correct that the conflict between Carver and Gallo came out of nowhere, it did make sense. Gallo is still a young fire fighter whose actions could rub a veteran like Carver the wrong way. Gallo still has a chip on his shoulder and feels he has earned his stripes and should not be looked at as a rookie fire fighter. While Carver saw a cocky kid who doesn’t know his place. Given how many people the members of Firehouse 51 save, they can’t save everyone and showing Gallo very upset by it all was quite well done.

    As far as Sylvie is concerned, I think this is the right time for her to look for a new relationship. I think they did a good job during season 10 of showing how Sylvie was struggling with the distance relationship. That she was questioning whether it could continue. I think given how they set up the break up, it is easier to see her being able to move on a little more quickly than if Brettsy’s relationship ended “out of nowhere.”

    I wasn’t sure how Herman’s actions with the stop sign were going to backfire on him, but we had to know it was going to come back and bite in some way.

  2. Sara says:

    It would be great if she show didn’t think that after getting married and a promotion Stella had to drop her female friends though

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