‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×13 Review: “The Ghost in You”

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  1. Rich says:

    I was disappointed in this episode. I differ from you in that I do enjoy Voight centered episodes and have no problem seeing more of them. I did like Torres in this episode. The calm cool collected “ice in his veins” undercover work he did I enjoyed. I like that he is a “closed book” that will take time to open.
    What I didn’t like, for starters, if you are going to invoke the memory of Al, you have to do more than this. I also think you need to include Adam in this as Al was his mentor. I also did not like the angle with the DA in that it was not fleshed out nearly enough. The only scandal seems to be that she had a relationship with a witness. (Which though problematic is not an ethics violation per se, he wasn’t a client.) They did not flesh out how she was in the Morales’ pocket as stated, which seems in retrospect to be a throwaway line. The worst part of this is, it is a reminder of what we lost. If this story was written somewhat differently and Jay was still here, it could have been a really great episode. At present, there is no one who has taken on the role of the white knight to challenge Voight. Hank and Jay debating what to do and even having Jay back off in this situation would have been better than what we had in this episode. Hailey seemed to know that there was more going on but decided not to confront Voight or even ask any questions. Is this a case of her deciding to pick her battles with Voight or a decision to not confront Voight going forward, hard to say. The other members of Intelligence were completely oblivious that anything was going on.

  2. Joan McNulty says:

    Actually you might be surprised to find out there are many of us who wish it would go back to the way it used to be when it was more Voight centric. That’s how it started and how it lasted all these seasons. I’ve read your posts and face it- you just don’t like the character and can’t be objective period. Maybe you should go back and re watch from the beginning and you’ll understand why even though it’s a terrific ensemble cast, many of us only watch for him. he’s the interesting one. No Voight, No PD.

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