‘Chicago Fire’ 11×13 Review: “The Man of the Moment”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said here. I could have done without “the love at first sight” conversation/debate. So Sylvie fell in love with Casey while he was dating Gabby and then married to her? While she was dating Gabby’s brother??? This made no sense at all. I would have much rather seen Herman breaking the news of Cindy’s illness to 51 than that scene.

    The last few episodes I liked where they were going with Carver and then they do this. If his temper got the better of him and he had to leave 51 as a result, I would be fine with that, but not because he lost his temper due to his sudden affection for Stella. I can not agree with you more, men and women can be friends without any sexual tension and this was completely unnecessary. If they are going to go down this road, how about having him handle it in a mature way rather than like a petulant child. I couldn’t decide what was more annoying in this episode Carver or Annabelle- they nailed the teenage angst I suppose. I did love how Herman’s oldest son stepped up and is trying to help his parents.

  2. Lois snyder says:

    I hate that they killed Hawkins. That storyline overshadowed everything else. Threatened the Stellaride thing I don’t understand these showrunners. Nothing but tragedy and sorrow. Now cancer? No thanks.

  3. Debra Hill says:

    Don’t forget Kelly told Stella is he touches your hand he’s a dead man . I’m team Kelly and Stella to the end.

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