‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Review: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire leaves us with quite a few cliffhangers going into a probably long hiatus, though some are much better than others.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Preview: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire 11×22 “Red Waterfall” brings back Matt Casey and will hopefully also deliver an update on Kelly Severide as we head into hiatus.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Review: “Change of Plans”

Chicago Fire 11×21 “Change of Plans” makes Kelly Severide pull a Jay Halstead, because the One Chicago writers only have one playbook.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Preview: “Change of Plans”

Chicago Fire 11×21 “Change of Plans” continues with the storyline that was meant to be Severide’s for Carver, and it doesn’t hit the same.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×20 Preview:”Never, Ever Make a Mistake”

Chicago Fire 11×20 “Never, Ever Make a Mistake” looks ready to tug at our heartstrings as only Firehouse 51 can.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×19 Preview: “Take A Shot at The King”

Chicago Fire 11×19 “Take A Shot at The King” puts Carver in danger and pits Firehouse 51 against the powers that be.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Preview:  “Danger Is All Around”

Chicago Fire 11×18 “Danger Is All Around” brings back Matt Casey, which means Brettsey gets a spotlight once again.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×17 Preview: “The First Symptom”

Chicago Fire 11×17 “The First Symptom” gives Violet and Sylvie a chance to shine in a storyline that has nothing to do with romance.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×16 Review: “Acting Up”

Chicago Fire 11×16 “Acting Up” is the best version of an episode this show can give us without Severide. We still miss him, but it works.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×16 Preview: “Acting Up”

Chicago Fire 11×16 “Acting Up” is going to put Stella in danger, and we don’t want that ever, but especially not when Severide is not around.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×15 Review: “Damage Control”

Chicago Fire 11×15 “Damage Control” is the first episode without Severide, and though it works, the question is — for how long?

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×15 Preview: “Damage Control”

Chicago Fire 11×15 “Damage Control” looks ready to emotionally manipulate us — and we would like to opt out, please and thank you.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×14 Preview: “Run Like Hell” 

We don’t really like where Chicago Fire 11×14 “Run Like Hell” is going — with either Stella and Carver, or Violet and Gallo. But, Trudy’s here!

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×13 Review: “The Man of the Moment”

Chicago Fire 11×13 “The Man of the Moment” introduces an unnecessary Carver storyline, just as it reminds us of why Stellaride works.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×12 Review: “How Does it End”

Chicago Fire 11×12 “How Does it End” gives us both temporary drama and long-lasting drama — but Stellaride is solid, and we’ll take that.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×12 Preview:  “How Does it End”

Chicago Fire 11×12 “How Does it End” is trying to make us worry about Stellaride, but we’re not budging. We know they’re solid.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×10 Review: “Something for the Pain”

Chicago Fire 11×10 “Something for the Pain” is an episode about trauma — the kind we see and the kind we don’t.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×09 Review: “Nemesis”

Chicago Fire 11×09 “Nemesis” ends in a cliffhanger because of course it does — but before that, it delivers some heartwarming moments.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×09 Advance Review: “Nemesis”

Chicago Fire 11×09 “Nemesis” is a really good episode of what this show does well and an episode that reminds you of what the show fails at.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×08 Preview: “A Beautiful Life” 

It’s hard to tell what Chicago Fire 11×08 “A Beautiful Life” is about, and honestly, it feels like that’s a trend these days.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×07 Review: “Angry Is Easier”

Chicago Fire 11×07 “Angry is Easier” is a very good episode of TV, one that celebrates and mourns at the same time.