‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Review: “Red Waterfall”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said here. I really didn’t like the Herman is going to be in a lot of pain angle. For a moment there, I thought that they were going to have Cindy’s cancer return, which would have been brutal. Glad that they didn’t go in that direction. Trudy is in the hospital with Adam. As far as Mouch is concerned, I have seen where it has been pointed out that he is at mandatory retirement age in real life. Given that Chicago Fire tries to keep things relatively realistic and also how much Trudy’s role on Chicago PD has been reduced, I wonder if they will have them retire. If Mouch retires, his spot on Truck can be filled by Candidate Kylie. That would be a fitting way for him to depart. Hopefully, he could still be a recurring character that we see at Molly’s.

    Manstead got their happy ending and hopefully Brettsy will as well.

  2. Elaine Kehoe says:

    I really do not want Brett and Casey together. I just don’t see them as a couple at all. This romance was done really quickly and it seems like the writers just wanted to get both characters into relationships and thought, hey, they’re both single, why not them? They knew each other for years and never showed any romantic interest in each other, then all of a sudden they’re in love? Maybe I’m bitter because I loved Casey and Dawson as a couple so much.

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