‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×22 Review: “A Better Place”

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  1. Rich says:

    This is a fitting episode. A disappointing episode to conclude a disappointing season. In ways that matter, this episode didn’t make a lot of sense. We have Samantha saying that once her son was born, she no longer wanted to follow her father’s path, huh??? Her son is not an infant, he’s 10. So despite “not wanting to follow her father’s path,” she continued to do so for TEN YEARS, another decade. One of the problems with this episode is that it is one episode. If instead of having Episode 20-Fight, this was a two part episode where Samantha explains to Adam that she has tried to leave and was forced back or that she had no choice but to help her father it would put into better context her attempt to break away from her father. This would not make her sympathetic and I have no sympathy for her, but it could have served as a better explanation for her actions than what was given. It would have also spared us from Fight, which would be a better episode for next season if there is no chance of Halstead coming back.

    I also did not like that Torres was not in this episode. He deserved more screen time this season and for his character to develop. While Kevin and Kim were right, we all know that giving Samantha immunity saved lives and they had very little choice but to do so. I hated that Kevin shot the grand father. Hailey or Hank could have and should have been the one(s) to do it. Since Samantha fled after Adam was shot, there are criminal charges that can come her way now. I hated that Adam made Kim promise to take care of Callum. Where is that going??? We are not going to have Kim and Adam foster Callum while his mother goes to jail are we? At the end of the episode, why is Hank having a drink with the DA instead of being at the hospital? Another instance of this episode making no sense.

  2. charlie says:

    kim also pointed it out samantha was guilty and should be punished. it wasnt just kev who pointed that out.

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