‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×12 Preview: “To Protect”

Chicago P.D. 9×12 “To Protect” is about Voight but also, hopefully, about the new team dynamics.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×11 Preview: “Lies”

Chicago P.D. 9×11 “Lies” looks to be a Kevin Atwater episode. We just hope that doesn’t mean everything else is left hanging.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×10 Review “Home Safe”

Chicago P.D. 9×10 “Home Safe” solidifies the Burzek family unit, just as it throws a twist their way that we absolutely hate.

‘Chicago P.D’ 9×10 Preview: “Home Safe”

The pictures for Chicago P.D. 9×10 “Home Safe” are here, and they promise to once again focus on Kim Burgess and her family.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×08 Pictures: “Fractures”

Chicago P.D. 9×08 “Fractures” looks like an episode that’s going to break our heart. Hopefully, it’ll also bring consequences.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×07 Pictures: “Trust Me”

Chicago P.D. 9×07 “Trust Me” feels like the episode where everything starts to change in Intelligence – for better or worse.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×06 Review “End of Watch”

Chicago P.D. 9×06 “End of Watch” isn’t just about who Adam is, but about the man he wants to be going forward – for his family.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×06 Pictures: “End of Watch”

Chicago P.D. 9×06 “End of Watch” sounds ominous, which probably means it isn’t as bad as we’re expecting. The show does love to surprise us.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×05 Pictures: “Burnside”

Chicago P.D. 9×05 “Burnside” turns the focus on Kevin Atwater – and it’s about time. We just hope we get *some* answers.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×04 Pictures: “In The Dark”

The Chicago P.D. 9×04 pictures are lulling us into a false sense of security, and even if we know we shouldn’t believe them, we want to.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×02 Review: “Rage”

Chicago P.D 9×02 “Rage” lives up to its name by reminding us that, sometimes, there is no closure. Sometimes, there is no justice.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×03 Pictures: “The One Next to Me”

Chicago P.D 9×03 “The One Next to Me” just proves this cast is way too good looking for their own good. No, seriously, it’s almost unfair.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×01 Review: “Closure”

There was plenty to scream about on Chicago P.D. 9×01 “Closure,” but in an episode with so much to celebrate, Upstead still stole the show.

‘Chicago P.D’ 9×02 Pictures: “Rage”

The pictures for Chicago P.D 9×02 “Rage” are here, and it’s all good, we’re not super concerned about that title or anything.

Chicago P.D 9×01 Advance Review: “Closure”

Chicago P.D returns next week, and the premiere brings both closure and a lot of questions. We preview the episode.