‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×15 Review: “Blood and Honor”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said here. I do think that the Beck’s have the potential to be interesting adversaries for the Intelligence Unit for the remainder of this season. The father is a neo nazi racist. It is not so clear that his daughter is. Given her reaction to the paraphernalia that her father gave her son, it doesn’t appear as though Samantha shares his beliefs. The episode alluded to the fact that Samantha got herself into some trouble and her father bailed her out. Their agreement seems to have been that she is loyal to him and works for him to the bitter end, but that Samantha’s son is to be kept out of it, all of it. Grand Pa is reneging on their agreement and seeking to influence his grand son. Samantha may well have made Adam as a cop and may see him as a way out. Samantha may also have romantic feelings for Adam, how far would he go to maintain his cover? There are a number of interesting scenarios and directions that they could go in. Frankly, this was the best episode in a while and maybe the second half of the season will be better than the first half.

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