‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Review: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire leaves us with quite a few cliffhangers going into a probably long hiatus, though some are much better than others.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Preview: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire 11×22 “Red Waterfall” brings back Matt Casey and will hopefully also deliver an update on Kelly Severide as we head into hiatus.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Review: “Change of Plans”

Chicago Fire 11×21 “Change of Plans” makes Kelly Severide pull a Jay Halstead, because the One Chicago writers only have one playbook.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Preview: “Change of Plans”

Chicago Fire 11×21 “Change of Plans” continues with the storyline that was meant to be Severide’s for Carver, and it doesn’t hit the same.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×20 Preview:”Never, Ever Make a Mistake”

Chicago Fire 11×20 “Never, Ever Make a Mistake” looks ready to tug at our heartstrings as only Firehouse 51 can.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Preview:  “Danger Is All Around”

Chicago Fire 11×18 “Danger Is All Around” brings back Matt Casey, which means Brettsey gets a spotlight once again.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×17 Preview: “The First Symptom”

Chicago Fire 11×17 “The First Symptom” gives Violet and Sylvie a chance to shine in a storyline that has nothing to do with romance.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×15 Review: “Damage Control”

Chicago Fire 11×15 “Damage Control” is the first episode without Severide, and though it works, the question is — for how long?

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×15 Preview: “Damage Control”

Chicago Fire 11×15 “Damage Control” looks ready to emotionally manipulate us — and we would like to opt out, please and thank you.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×13 Review: “The Man of the Moment”

Chicago Fire 11×13 “The Man of the Moment” introduces an unnecessary Carver storyline, just as it reminds us of why Stellaride works.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×11 Preview: “A Guy I Used to Know”

Chicago Fire 11×11 “A Guy I Used to Know” brings back a version of fire cop Severide and paramedicine …but also, everyone’s dressed up!

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×08 Preview: “A Beautiful Life” 

It’s hard to tell what Chicago Fire 11×08 “A Beautiful Life” is about, and honestly, it feels like that’s a trend these days.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×02 Review: “Every Scar Tells a Story”

Chicago Fire 11×02 “Every Scar Tells A Story” tries — and fails — to make us care about the new guy as much as we care about everyone else.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Review: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” fixes one ship, cements another and puts an end to a third one — with all the emotions that entails.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Preview: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” feels like a comfort episode, if only because everyone is around and will continue to be.

Chicago Fire 10×22 Preview: “The Magnificent City of Chicago”

Chicago Fire 10×22 is here, and so is the Stellaride wedding — which basically means everything is perfect, and nothing hurts.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Preview: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10×12 looks to be bringing a lot. We just hope it doesn’t also end in a cliffhanger when a long hiatus is coming.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×11 Review: “Fog of War”

Chicago Fire 10×11 goes deep into the Stellaride issues, even as the Pelham drama continues to take center stage.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×08 Pictures: “What Happened at Whiskey Point”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×08 “What Happened at Whiskey Point” feel deliberately misleading. Or is that just us?

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×07 Review: “Whom Shall I Fear?”

Chicago Fire 10×07 is about change, and as always with this show, about family — and how they’ll help you get through anything.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×07 Pictures: “Whom Shall I Fear”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×07 “Whom Shall I Fear” show us more of the arson case, as our faves get on with the day to day.