‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Review: “Change of Plans”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with most of what you have said here. I really hope Taylor Kinney returns to the show next season. If he does not, I hope the writers understand that Stellaride can still exist off screen. Having Van Meter promoted to Deputy District Chief and Severide promoted to Captain to take over OFI is a logical way to move him off the show if need be. Yes, it would feel different, but at least they would remain married and we as fans can accept that even if he doesn’t appear onscreen. If he were willing to be a recurring character and appear in 4-6 episodes it could work very well. In this scenario, it would be easy for him to return. If he ends up in Bolivia with Halstead (or leaves Chicago), I think a lot fans will be upset.

  2. Kinga says:

    Agree it seems they keep borrowing storyline between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. There is a lot copy paste unfortunately. It’s ridiculous they keep repeating same miscommunication between Stellaride like do they never grown and learn? And same for Brett story here like yes I love seeing her with baby but didn’t we already see that same story almost with Gabby, Louie and suddenly Matt showing up at the doorstep at top of that? Couldn’t they be more creative a s not repeat the same steps? Are they really out of ideas? It’s sad

  3. Claire Baker says:

    The Brett baby thing is a rewrite of Burgess and Mackayla. I like to see where Brett could go with Dylan. Casey left, Brett picked up the pieces and moved on. Why should he be able to break that up after he did what he wanted.

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