‘Chicago Fire’ 11×20 Review: “Never, Ever Make a Mistake”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said here. For me this was a rough episode. I knew that Chicago PD was going to be rough and was hoping this would not be a heavy episode, but it was. I know that people are complex and we don’t act the same way all the time. Sylvie, more often than not, has been a positive person who tries to find the joy in things. A natural cheerleader if you will. This was a very different Sylvie. One with an edge and frankly an anger we have not really seen. Her threatening to leave if Boden did not take stronger action was really out of character. I understand what you are saying that maybe this sets up Sylvie adopting the baby and moving to Portland with Matt, but it seemed like Matt was setting up plans to move back to Chicago. If Sylvie did leave, i see a rather nasty possibility. I think you are correct in your previous review, we are not necessarily done with Don Ramsey. Imagine if Sylvie left and Ramsey used his political influence to have Jacobs reinstated and assigned to Firehouse 51? Taking on Ramsey and Jacobs could be the storyline for the first half of season 12.

    I really didn’t like what they did with Herman. Normally his outbursts are for comic relief, but it just felt different. It felt like maybe they were going to address his temper in a positive way. I also didn’t find it funny when Cap and Tony messed with his office. It just hit different for me. Maybe I am alone in this. It wasn’t until he was with Cindy in Molly’s at the end of the episode that I felt good about Herman.

  2. Sybie says:

    Chicago Fire could have storylines outside of the romantic/ship storylines for the ladies of the show – and this not only pertains to Sylvie but Stella and Violet fall under this category as well. This season Stella has been centered around Severide/Carver, Sylvie to Dylan/Matt and Violet with Hawkins/Carver/Gallo, centering their stories only around romance is a big disservice to them – they are more than wives, girlfriends and crushes! My favorite episode this season was the tampered medicine bottle episode because we got to see Sylvie and Violet in their element – being badass paramedics – and it did not center around their love lives. It was very refreshing!!!
    It is an ensemble show and it would be fun to see them mix and match characters in storylines. For example Ritter working with Sylvie on Paramedicine, next to Mouch, he show great empathy and would be a great addition to that team and would give Ritter more storylines that are not centered around Violet and Gallo. This would make the show exciting and fun.
    The one thing that Chicago Fire did so well but has lacked this season is the female friendships of the show. Do the writers remember that Sylvie and Stella are best friends or that Stella has friends outside of Carver? Season 7 & 8 did a great job balancing both the romance and the friendship between Stella, Sylvie and Foster. They need to get back to that.
    Lastly, the comedic storylines have been a big miss this season. They have not been funny and sometimes they have been cruel and resulting in (primarily) Capp and Tony coming off as jerks.

  3. Betty says:

    That Safe Haven Baby Box and the baby girl is to Sylvie what that watch was for Matt in Season 9’s finale. That story leads to the defining moment for the Brettsey reunion in Season 11’s finale

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