‘Chicago Fire’ 11×21 Preview: “Change of Plans”

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  1. Debbie Giles says:

    Would like Severide back!!!!

  2. sumati bellsey says:

    I sure don’t want her coupled with Carver! Bring Severide back…a fan favorite!!!!

  3. Margaret Flaherty says:

    There urning the show

  4. Marilyn Schubert says:

    Bring back Kelly The show needs him

  5. Franz says:

    Kill him off for goodness sakes. The best shows kill off major characters. This show has gone from a pretty good action show to a boring soap opera. Think about NYPD Blue when Jimmy Smits character died. Classic TV. The Chicago shows are all getting boring. Being a firefighter is a dangerous profession. Being a character on Chicago Fire is the safest job in the world.

  6. REBECCA Anita MONTES says:

    Well I can honestly say Chicago fire series is my most favorite show ever new or reruns don’t care I just love the show yes we waited a long for Severid to find the perfect soul mate and when he does they take him out of well as long as they keep the series going it’s fine

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