‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Review: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire leaves us with quite a few cliffhangers going into a probably long hiatus, though some are much better than others.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Preview: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire 11×22 “Red Waterfall” brings back Matt Casey and will hopefully also deliver an update on Kelly Severide as we head into hiatus.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Review: “Danger Is All Around”

Chicago Fire 11×18 “Danger Is All Around” brings back Matt Casey — and Brettsey? It sure seems like something is afoot in Chicago.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Preview:  “Danger Is All Around”

Chicago Fire 11×18 “Danger Is All Around” brings back Matt Casey, which means Brettsey gets a spotlight once again.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Advanced Review: “Danger Is All Around”

Chicago Fire 11×18 “Danger Is All Around” marks the long-awaited return of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey, and it’s like he never left.

Jesse Spencer Set to Return to ‘Chicago Fire’ And We Have Questions

Jesse Spencer is returning to Chicago Fire for one episode, and as happy as we are — we have a lot of questions about what this means.

Chicago Fire 10×22 Preview: “The Magnificent City of Chicago”

Chicago Fire 10×22 is here, and so is the Stellaride wedding — which basically means everything is perfect, and nothing hurts.

Jesse Spencer Says Goodbye… For Now

Jesse Spencer said goodbye to Chicago Fire this week, and we’re not okay. We’ll miss him, but we’re hoping we’ll see him again soon. The 200th episode of Chicago Fire was a heartbreaker as Spencer, and his character Captain Matthew…

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×05 Review: “Two Hundred”

Chicago Fire 10×05 “Two Hundred” says a very clear see you later, not goodbye, to Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. But we’ll still miss him.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×04 Review: “The Right Thing”

Chicago Fire 10×04 “The Right Thing” examines what the right thing is, as it sets up a possible Matt Casey exit. We’re just not buying it.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×04 Pictures: “The Right Thing”

The Chicago Fire 10×04 “The Right Thing” pictures confirm a theory, and leave us wondering what everyone’s looking at.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×03 Review “Counting Your Breaths”

Chicago Fire continues to hammer home the theme of family in an episode that proves that, once you’re part of this one, they never let go.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×02 Review: “Headcount”

Chicago Fire 10×02 “Headcount” is about heroes. The ones we notice, and the ones we don’t.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×03 Pictures: “Counting Your Breaths”

The Chicago Fire 10×03 pictures are here, and they really aren’t giving us anything, yet somehow we are satisfied. Weird, right?

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×01 Advance Review “Mayday”

Chicago Fire is returning for season 10 in ten days, and we’ve got some teases to get you excited about the season to come.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×01 Pictures: “Mayday”

Chicago Fire is coming back in less than a month, and here are the pictures for 10×01 titled “Mayday” so you can start speculating.