‘Chicago Fire’ 11×18 Review: “Danger Is All Around”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said here. My one problem with this episode was how they handled Cindy’s party. I wanted to see Herman make one of his big speeches and have Cindy make a grand entrance. She just beat cancer, the celebration needed to be bigger and Trudy needed to be there. They could have cut out the Violet-Carver thing for this episode to make Cindy’s party better. I don’t know if I like where they are going with that either. Tony with the pigs in a blanket was comedy gold.

    We all knew Gallo’s childhood was difficult. It looks like we are going to get more details about his past and how it has affected and continues to affect him. I am getting the idea that his time with his uncle may not have been very good. Hopefully his aunt survives. The irony is, I can see Gallo helping her and supporting her in ways that she did not do when she should have as his aunt.

    My hope is that you are correct, that this is a prelude to Casey returning next season. When he left he said he needed a break after going straight from House to Chicago Fire. There has been no announcement about One Chicago being renewed, technically this could be their last seasons. Given that One Chicago wins Wednesdays and that Jesse Lee Soffer said that he wasn’t sure how long he wanted to play Jay Halstead and that continuing with the character would mean “signing on for another 3 years,” I think it’s safe to assume that the One Chicago shows will get another 3 year renewal. We have seen less of Chief Boden this season, he hasn’t been going on the calls. Maybe he becomes Fire Commissioner and becomes a recurring character and Casey returns as Battalion Chief?

  2. Richard C Ross says:

    Cried for Brett, we all knew after that scene in front of firehouse two seasons ago, he loved her, that was cruel to Brett

  3. Mary Anne Evans says:

    I hated the way Casey lied to Brett about being in a relationship. Brett leaving Molly’s crying was heartbreaking. Those two are perfect for each other.

  4. Elaine Kehoe says:

    I completely disagree about Brett and Casey. I don’t see them as a couple at all. Granted, I say this as someone who loved Gabby and loved her and Casey together, but I just don’t feel any spark between Casey and Brett. It just came out of nowhere. They were colleagues and maybe friends–although we didn’t see them together that much–for years, and now suddenly they realize they’re in love with each other? The writers could have led into this more gradually, in my opinion. Plus, if they knew Jesse Spencer wanted to leave the show, why start this storyline at all? They could have had Casey and Dawson decide to start over, and he could have left to join her in her work in Puerto Rico. I’m one who hopes that Casey and Brett don’t end up together, although the finale previews make it look like it will happen.

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