Virgin River

A small town. A woman running from her grief. A man with PTSD. And a romance that’s going to change both of their lives for the better. Enter Virgin River.

‘Virgin River’ 3×10 Review: “A Wedding, No Funeral and a Baby”

Virgin River 3×10 “A Wedding, No Funeral and a Baby” does exactly what the last few episodes promised, with a cliffhanger ending that’s both frustrating, and telegraphed. It’s frustrating less because of what happened and more because of the way…

‘Virgin River’ 3×09 Review: “The Sun Also Rises”

Virgin River 3×09 “The Sun Also Rises” is a heavy episode that deals with grief, and the many ways loss affects people. We discuss.

Virgin River 3×08 Review: “Life and Death”

Virgin River sets up a quite a twist as Mel and Jack quickly find their way back to each other and the town loses one of their own.

Virgin River 3×07 Review: “Split”

Virgin River 3×07 “Split” lives up to its name with one of the dumbest breakups in recent tv history. We’re shaking our heads at you, Jack.

‘Virgin River’ 3×06 Review “Jack and Jill”

Virgin River 3×06 “Jack and Jill” proves once again that this show’s cliffhangers are nothing to worry about, as Mel and Jack try avoidance.

‘Virgin River’ 3×05 Review: “Kindling”

Virgin River 3×05 “Kindling” deals with the repercussions of Mel’s pronouncement, while also letting other relationships grow.

‘Virgin River’ 3×04 Review: “Take My Breath Away”

Virgin River 3×04 “Take My Breath Away” examines compromise as Jack and Mel get used to living together. And Hope finally returns! Sort of.

‘Virgin River’ 3×03 Review: “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts”

Virgin River 3×03 “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts” delivers some amazing OTP content, as things get serious in the town.

‘Virgin River’ 3×02 Review: “Sticky Feet”

Virgin River 3×02 “Sticky Feet” focuses on Jack a bit more, as the mystery of Hope’s absence continues. Join us as we review.

‘Virgin River’ 3×01 Review: “Where There’s Smoke …”

Virgin River 3×01 “Where There’s Smoke…” brings us a lot of Jack and Mel (yay!!) and one glaring absence. Join us for the review.

‘Virgin River’ Season 3 Advanced Review: High highs and Low lows

Virgin River season 3 is a rollercoaster. The things that work really work. And yet the things that don’t work left us shaking our heads.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Virgin River’

Virgin River season 3 is coming to Netflix July 9th! Here are five reasons you should catch up before the new season drops.