‘The Bold Type’ Photos: “The Crossover”

We’re on the second episode of the final season of #TheBoldType! See the photos for tonights episode to prepare yourself.

See The Cast Photos For The Final Season Of ‘The Bold Type’

This week starts the beginning of the end for #TheBoldType and we’re not ready. See the cast photos for the final season.

Aisha Dee criticizes lack of representation, Kat’s confusing romance in season 4 of ‘The Bold Type’

One of The Bold Type’s stars has some harsh but honest words about the series, particularly the lack of representation and some confusing storylines.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×16 Review: “Not Far From The Tree”

Let’s discuss the season finale of The Bold Type, which had our trio dealing with some important moments and decisions in their lives.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×15 Review: “Love”

Love is messy. I don’t care what kind of love we’re talking her. It’s all messy. And yet, that’s what makes it great. There isn’t one right way. Which means it’s open to interpretation. Which also means you’re allowed to…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×14 Review: “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Let’s discuss this week’s episode of The Bold Type, which had our core trio dealing with some important truths that they let come to light.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×13 Review: “Lost”

Let’s discuss The Bold Type’s latest episode “Lost,” which had our trio dealing with the emotions that came with some significant changes in their lives.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×12 Review: “Snow Day”

Let’s discuss The Bold Type’s latest episode “Snow Day,” where an inconvenience actually was helpful for everyone.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×11 Review: “Leveling Up”

Following The Bold Type’s midseason finale, we were left wondering what was to come in the next chapter of Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s lives. Especially considering all three ladies were facing some pretty big changes.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×10 Review: ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’

It’s hard to believe that The Bold Type‘s fourth season has come and gone with a flash. It feels like just yesterday when the show returned amid a slew of changes at Scarlet. But, if possible, the end of the…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×09 Review: ‘5, 6, 7, 8’

We’re staring down a season finale with more questions than answers, especially after this penultimate episode. What’s next for Jane and Ryan? Is Kat willing to risk her job for what’s right? Is Sutton actually going to move to San Francisco — especially with her dream job right in front of her?

‘The Bold Type’ 4×08 Review: ‘Stardust’

There’s so much to love about The Bold Type. How even in its fourth season, it feels as fresh and relevant as ever. How it can manage to tackle multiple storylines of significance in a single hour and leave us entertained week in and week out.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×07 Review: ‘The Space Between’

The Bold Type always manages to deliver great hours of television. Its mix of humor, seriousness, and its focus on the beautiful friendship and individuality of its characters is something so wonderful. But what’s also so incredible about this show is how it’s able to address important topics in our world. Topics that aren’t necessarily talked about enough.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×06 Review: ‘To Peg Or Not To Peg’

The Bold Type continues to preach powerful messages without seeming like it’s shouting in your face. It’s able to take an important issue, in this case the problem of patriarchy, and weave some humor into it while also managing to teach us an important lesson.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×05 Review: ‘Tearing Down the Donut Wall’

The Bold Type has a knack for taking a basic thing, such as weddings, and making them about so much more. It’s one of the many things I love about this show, and “Tearing Down the Donut Wall” epitomized it in every way.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×04 Review: ‘Babes in Toyland’

The Bold Type isn’t afraid to embrace any and every topic that affects women — or men — in our world. And it flat out tackled a somewhat taboo subject when it comes to women’s sexual independence. Jane discovered that…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×03 Review: Life’s a Marathon

I’ve never been one for running. Running away from someone chasing me or just running in the gym. But, luckily, marathons don’t always involve running, as evidenced by The Bold Type‘s latest episode. Sutton said it best in this episode:…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×02 Review: ‘#Scarlet’

There’s something freeing about embracing the future. Opening your mind to new possibilities, regardless of how scary and unknown they might be. But it’s also important to honor the past, which without it we wouldn’t have a future to look…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×01 Review: ‘Legends of the Fall Issue’

We truly are blessed to have a show like The Bold Type on our televisions. I was reminded as such with its season 4 premiere, which was a perfect blend of humor, seriousness, fun and preached the power of representation…

‘Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas’ Review: Where is My Happiness?

The best thing I can say about Freeform’s Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, it’s that it’s not my kind of movie. That’s a damn shame, considering it stars Aisha Dee, who I’ve loved since Sweet/Vicious and continued to love in…

‘The Bold Type’ 3×02 Review: ‘Plus It Up’

It’s refreshing when a show can manage to be influential in tackling important issues but also enjoyable at the same time. Where its characters are compelling yet flawed and people can find a way to relate to them. These are…