‘The Bold Type’ 4×14 Review: “The Truth Will Set You Free”

This week’s episode of The Bold Type, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” was a reminder of the importance of letting the truth go free — not only for everyone else’s sake but for your own self.

Following her miscarriage, Sutton is reeling with the aftermath, which includes a realization that having a baby isn’t what she wants at present — and might not want ever, which certainly throws a wrench at Sutton and Richard’s relationship. Elsewhere, Kat starts her podcast with an unlikely guest and Jane continues to struggle with her new boobs, and she gets some help from her dad.

Let’s discuss this week’s episode of The Bold Type, which had our core trio dealing with some important truths that they let come to light.

Sutton is already living her best life

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

For everything that I expected to come with Sutton’s pregnancy storyline, I wasn’t expecting what’s transpired over the last two weeks. Not only did she experience a miscarriage, which was devastating for Sutton and Richard, but it wound up being an eye opener for Sutton about what she wants in her future.

The only problem is, what she wants in her future doesn’t necessarily correlate with what her new husband wants.

From the moment Richard found out Sutton was pregnant, you could tell that he was someone that wanted a family of his own. From the way he started the baby book to the way that he was eager to try again just two weeks after Sutton miscarried, Richard had baby fever. But for Sutton, it wasn’t there. She wasn’t there. She needed more time. But how much time was uncertain.

Sutton suggested freezing Richard’s sperm until a time when they both are ready to try again. Hell, the frozen sperm could last for 15 years. Although, Richard isn’t willing to wait that long. He doesn’t want to be an old dad. He wants to be there for every part of his child’s life — graduation, marriage, grandkids. And Sutton is understanding of that. Ultimately, Richard proposes giving them five years to start trying again, which would be an optimal time for the both of them.

But the only problem is, that might not be what Sutton wants. Because while Sutton’s miscarriage has made Richard realize just how badly he wants to start a family, it had a different sort of wake-up call for Sutton. Sutton now realizes that she doesn’t want to have kids — and that there might not come a time when she’ll ever be ready.

Which obviously is a big issue considering her and Richard just got married and decided to spend their lives together. But if they have different philosophies and visions for how their life together is supposed to go, ultimately that’s aa marriage that’s doomed to fail.

So it’s the right move for Sutton to bring that to Richard’s attention, where she laid it all out for Richard. Basically, she can’t give Richard what he wants. It’s clear that he wants a family. But Sutton is clearly content with the life that she has right now. Being a stylist — living her dream that she’s been after for most of her life — and being a newlywed. That’s enough for her. And she doesn’t want that to change.

Sutton loves Richard, and it’s clear that she doesn’t want to give up on their relationship. But if Richard’s reaction to her feelings is any indication, there not on the same page. This is one of those big deal breakers — typically a conversation you have before deciding to get married. Then again, it took Sutton accidentally getting pregnant and losing the baby to realize that she doesn’t want her life to change.

Could her mindset change in the future? Sure. But it’s not a guarantee. And would it be fair of Sutton to waste Richard’s time, especially when she already knows how important it is for him to have a family. Which is exactly why she told him. Which is exactly why he had that reaction. Which is exactly why things don’t look so good for Sutton and Richard moving forward.

Kat is ready to expand her horizons

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

As Kat continues to navigate this new life of hers, she’s embarking on her foray into podcasting. With her first podcast scheduled with a woman that cleans plastic out of the ocean, which sounds fascinating. But, as it turns out, she’s not quite as exciting as she sounded.

One of the things I love about Kat’s new journey is that she’s putting herself in situations that challenge her, and she knows it. She wants to expand her horizons, open herself up, and continue to grow as a person. And that’s what this podcast is going to allow her to do.

But the most important aspect is Kat’s dynamic with Ava, a conservative with differing ideologies that challenges Kat on the daily. Which makes her the perfect guest for her first episode. While she might not want Ava, she needs her for this podcast to generate the kind of discussion and hype that will make this something the Belle wants to do on the regular.

When Kat approaches Ava for her first guest, Ava is taken aback, to say the least. Kat thinks Ava will be interesting. They can debate issues with differing viewpoints. It makes perfect sense. Until Ava declines. Kat doesn’t strike her as someone that can reign it in when talking with conservatives, as she is witness to as being on the receiving end of one of those discussions. Kat simply can’t have a productive conversation with a Republican, Ava believes, so Kat is out to prove her wrong.

Kat goes to one of Ava’s Republican mixers to show her that she can be open-minded and listen to others’ opinions and beliefs and turn it into a productive conversation. And it goes well with her first talk, and Ava seems impressed. But it’s going to take more than one conversation to convince her.

When this second discussion takes place, the topic of LGBTQ comes up, and Kat is instantly floored. She becomes emotional for obvious reasons. She’s sitting there and listening to people criticize her way of living, as if it’s “wrong.” So Kat removes herself from the situation, and she tells Ava that, clearly, she can’t participate in a productive conversation with Republicans.

Kat believes coming to this Republican mixer was a bad idea. She can’t talk to people like that. Still, Ava agrees to be on Kat’s podcast. Clearly she saw how Kat is willing to listen, but she was put in a difficult position.

From the look of it, Kat’s first episode of her podcast looks like a success. Kat and Ava, Democrat and Republican, are able to productively engage in a conversation with different perspectives. Just like at the Republican mixer, Kat tells Ava that she shouldn’t talk about people that she can’t relate to, in this case the LGBTQ community. Which is when Ava drops a bomb: She’s a lesbian. A Republican woman that’s a lesbian and she’s not defined by her sexuality. She feels like she should be able to claim her space.

Clearly, Ava left an impression on Kat, as Kat calls her name out while in the middle of foreplay with her current girlfriend. Well, things just got interesting.

Jane is done feeling sorry for herself

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

When it comes to Jane’s struggles with feeling comfortable in her new body, it’s not something that’s a couple-episode arc. As it would be in real life, it’s something that takes time. And we saw as Jane continued to struggle with not feeling comfortable in her body.

While her support group has been offering tips — getting to know her new boobs, like going on a date with them — it hasn’t been working. Which makes sense, given this is something Jane needs to discover on her own. And it’s going to take time.

But perhaps the biggest help for Jane is when her dad comes to town, complete with a photograph of her mom and the dress she was wearing for a story and fashion spread. But it’s her dad’s presence that makes all the difference.

Jane can’t really rely on anyone but herself in this instance. While her friends are supportive, they don’t really know what she’s going through. Just like her support group helps a little but not a lot. Jane believes that this is something that she’s supposed to muddle through herself. But Jane’s dad is there to remind her that’s not the case.

It takes Jane’s dad opening up about her mom — about how she didn’t get to live her life — and praising Jane’s decision to decide to get a double mastectomy for her to come to an important realization. When Jane’s dad found out that Jane had the BRCA gene that killed her mom, he was devastated, thinking, “I can’t lose her, too.” While Jane’s dad wanted to make sure she got to live her life, he couldn’t tell Jane what to do. Her body, her choice. She was brave in her decision to have the surgery.

Jane doesn’t regret making the decision, but she didn’t think it would be this hard. But Jane’s dad tells her it’s not about muddling through, it’s about embracing and enjoying her life. Jane has something that her mom never had — a second chance at life.

Jane has a fresh perspective and new outlook on life. She’s going to stop feeling sorry for herself and start living her life. She’s going to do all of the things she wanted to do but has been putting off for so long. It’s time for Jane to start living.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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