Katy Keene Has Been Canceled

Bad news, Katy Keene lovers, according to Deadline the show has been canceled. The Riverdale spin off was only on its first season airing on The CW. There is still hope to keep it alive, just not on that network.

Deadline is reporting that cast options were extended to July 31st. Meaning that the show could be picked up on another network or streaming platform.

Katy Keene canceled

Overall, I’m not exactly surprised that The CW canceled Katy Keene or sad. To me, the writing wasn’t always cohesive and sometimes lacked in some areas. I wasn’t always sold on storylines. However, the potential was there. It just needed some refinement.

If you love Katy Keene now is the time to start engaging on all social platforms. Make your voice heard. You would be surprised what fandoms can accomplish when they want something done. It isn’t unheard of to bring back a show from death. Timeless is a great example of that.

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Katy Keene is streaming on HBO Max.

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