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It has been almost two weeks since Shadow and Bone star Ben Barnes released his debut EP Songs For You. The EP which Ben himself has dubbed as “Old Soul Pop” has been on heavy rotation for us since it…

Ben Barnes’s EP ‘Songs For You’ Is A Soulful Throwback

The day has finally arrived.  After 20 long years, Ben Barnes has released his own music.  His EP Songs For You just dropped and it was worth the wait.  Ben has done something amazing with his first musical release and…

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The day has finally arrived. Ben Barnes’s first song off his upcoming EP ‘Songs For You’ has been released and we haven’t stopped listening to it since. Back in August, on Ben Barnes’s 40th birthday he announced that he would…

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We have a confirmation, folks! Our prediction that Ben Barnes would be announcing the release of his own music on his birthday has come true.  For months, fans have been speculating that Ben has been working on an album. If you’ve…

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Here at Fangirlish we have major love for Shadow and Bone star Ben Barnes. Today, August 20th, marks his fortieth birthday, so we wanted to do something to celebrate it, which is why we put together a list of some…

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If you’ve been a fan of Ben Barnes for a long time, then you know he’s a talented actor and he can also sing. Will he release an album soon?

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Where we establish that there is no greater ship than #Malina, Kirigan has small dick energy, and NO ONE is trustworthy.