‘Love Accidentally’ Releases Its Trailer and We’re Shrieking

Rom-coms are our current mood. So when we found out about Love Accidentally we immediately knew we had to see this movie.

‘Dollface’ 2×09 Review: “Princess Charming”

Friendship is about being there when people need you the most. Leave it to the girls of #Dollface to make sure that they do just that.

‘Dollface’ Season 1 Review: With A Little Help From Your Friends

It’s hard to review Dollface, though I previously attempted to do it without spoilers, so hey, if you haven’t finished watching yet, you can check that out first. If you have, and/or don’t care for spoilers (hello, like-minded individuals), you’re…

‘Dollface’ is the Friendship-focused Comedy we Deserved

At first, Dollface is just a little too much. Too weird, too hard to follow and just too damn real. But that’s just the first impression. Soon, it settles into the kind of show I always knew I needed but…